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Posted by sanjay gupta on April 21st, 2017

Imagine a world where finding a mode of transportation required going to the local taxi stand, researching required going to the library and going through domes and domes of text from the shelves or finding an address required going to the post office. It seems impossible at the moment to imagine a world like that. A world without the World Wide Web! Sounds appalling, doesn’t it? It speaks how well we have adjusted to a digital life.

Digital Revolution, which means a movement from mechanical and analogue technology to a digital technology, began somewhere between the late 1950s to the late 1970s. The Digital Revolution marked the beginning of the Information Age.

What does it mean?

Digital technology is a type of transfer that involves breaking a message or form of communication between two machines down to binary code. Digital technology enables an immense amount of information to be compressed on small storage devices that can be easily preserved and transported.

How has digital technology improved our lives?

The advent of the digital age has benefitted everyone. Be it a small search on the web at home or handling huge amount of data in large companies, everything can be done quickly and accurately. Multiple softwares have been developed which cater to various sectors. For example, Banking System Software has revolutionised the entire banking system in the world. It has increased the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of daily transactions and has provided better Retail Banking Solutions all round the world.

In the same way, digital technology has been able to provide Business Analytics Solutions, Healthcare Software Solutions, Data Analytics Software, Capital Markets Software, Data Warehouse Software, Test Automation Services, Software Testing Services, Erp Business Software and so on. The impact of digitisation can be felt in almost all the fields and the benefits are immense.

The digital world has blended into our lives so well that we cannot do without it anymore. In the past, we would depend on the postal service to convey our messages. Not anymore! Sending letters and postcards are a thing of the past. Now is the era for emails and e-cards which are much faster and can be accessed on the go.

Want to meet new people or catch up with old friends? The solution is in our hands. Social media has helped people keep in touch and find new people with similar tastes and hobbies.

E-commerce websites which buy and sell products have reduced the need to go to showrooms and outlets anymore. Everything can be accomplished in the comfort of our house.

Finding a remote location has become so very easy because of GPS on our mobile phones. Locating different addresses and finding a mode of transportation on the internet for easy travel and hassle-free movement is possible because of digital technology. It is safe to say that our lives have become much simpler because of it.

Some of the advantages of digital technology are:

  •   Easy access to information
  •   Improved Communication
  •   Convenience in Education
  •   Promotes Innovation and Creativity
  •   Ensures Efficiency and Productivity
  •   Reduction in cost

India on digitisation

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) form the bulk of the Indian economy. The progress of these businesses is key to the overall development of the economy. The digital platform has transformed the landscape in which the SMBs operate. It gives them more exposure and provides them with cost effective ways to advertise and promote their product/services. Based on a study by KPMG, internet adoption and digitisation is expected to help an SMB grow revenue and profits two times faster. Customer Relations Management Software can enable a business to constantly be in touch with its customers and provide relevant services in case of need. This, in turn, establishes customer loyalty and as a result, growth in the customer base.

The Government too has benefitted from digitisation. It urges people to opt for digital modes of transactions, so that the money one holds is accounted for. This will further help in the collection of taxes and generate revenue for the Govt. to undertake welfare policies for the country.

In the field of agriculture too, digitisation has played a vital role. It enables farmers to check the going rate for their crops and seeds. This eliminates the need for haggling with middle men who charge high prices for seeds and fertilizers and purchase crops from them at a much lower rate.

Digitisation and the media

The most benefitted among all sectors is probably media. Through internet, it is possible to spread word faster and in a more cost effective way. The print media appears to be dwindling with the advent of digital media. Media such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. are nowadays more in vogue than traditional print media. If anyone wanted to read the newspaper, they would hardly buy one. Mobile apps and websites give us the same, if not more, information as any magazine or newspaper would.

The world of media has become globalised due to digitisation. Digital Transformation in Media and Entertainment has made it possible for anyone to access news or TV shows from any part of the world from their laptops or mobile phones and on the go. People do not need to be in front of their television sets or radio to be able to view or listen to their favourite programmes; they are able to do so through the internet on their mobile devices.

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