Note For Maintain Quartz floor

Posted by RachelHJM on April 22nd, 2017

1.After paving completely, should not walk or operation on the quartz floor before it completely solid (at least 24 hours).

2.Quartz stone can be used normally after paving is completed and remove the surface protective film. But it is better to do the mirror processing for the surface of quartz stone at the first time.

3.If there is other decorative work needed after the Quartz stone works are completed, should cover the quartz stone surface with plywood or carpet, in case that quartz stone floor will be damaged. And should invite proficient to maintain the quartz stone specially.

4.At the entrance of the quartz stone floor, should be laying carpet or mat dust, in case that sand and other debris to scratch or damage the quartz stone floor. If there is ink, coffee and tea, oil and other substances pollution which will be easy to make the quartz stone dye, should be cleaned in time, then it will not affect the appearance.

5.Do not use strong acid and strong alkaline cleaning agent: long-term using of strong acid and strong alkali cleaning agent will influences the luster of quartz stone, it is better to use a natural detergent.

6.Do not cover the quartz stone by a carpet for a long time, quartz stone floor covered by the carpet for a long time will make the quartz stone floor not easily to shed itself moisture, then the moisture of the quartz stone floor will increase, which will be the main reason for spitting water vapor later. If need cover the quartz stone floor by carpet for a long time, should choose good air permeability carpet. Keep ventilation, in case of moisture condensation, micro bacteria growing and stone mildewing.

7.Can’t polish the quartz stone floor with general wax: the general floor wax is oily, which will sticky with dust to block the quartz stone pores and creates unclean in future. Recommend to use the stone special curing agent, which is better to increase the gloss, abrasion resistance, anti-slip, anti-electrostatic for the quartz stone floor.

8.The wheel of mall purchase and delivery cart should be with rubber, otherwise, hard wheels will scratch quartz stone.

9.Regular maintenance: regular maintenance by the professional cleaning company will make the quartz stone elegant, gorgeous smooth flawless for a long time.

10.The quartz surface floor skid resistance is related to the safety of pedestrians, so must clean the water on the quartz stone floor in time, and increase the skid resistance of the quartz stone floor.

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