Identify Acrylic Solid Surface Countertop to Ordinary Unpolyster Solid Surface C

Posted by RachelHJM on April 22nd, 2017

Solid surface countertop is made of ATH, high performance resin and natural pigment by vacuum casting. Solid surface stone’s performance of the product depends on the resin, such as hardness, abrasive resistance, strength, so the resin formula technology and content of auxiliary agent is very important. The non-toxic of solid surface stone depended by the content of pigment, which make sure that solid surface stone can direct contact with the food. The acrylic solid surface countertop is high density, without tinny holes, don't hide stains, grease, smooth surface, easy to clean, can be designed in different shapes, easy to repair, non-trace, acid & alkali resistance, impact resistance, anti-fouling resistance, antibacterial, more environment friendly. Comply with the NSF standards, can direct contact with food.

Tips to identify acrylic solid surface countertop to ordinary unpolyster solid surface countertop

1. Take a small piece of sample, soaked in boiling water and take them out 3 minutes later, acrylic solid surface stone is no odor, but unpolyster resin solid surface stone is odor.

2. removing the wax on the surface of acrylic solid surface stone and unpolyster resin solid surface by sanding paper, then drop the soy sauce on the surface, after half an hour, rub away the soy sauce, there is no sauce mark on the surface of acrylic solid surface stone, but there is remarkable sauce mark on the surface of unpolyster resin solid surface.

3. Taking a piece of sample, cover half of the sample, illuminating under the sunshine for 50 minutes, no obvious change of acrylic solid surface stone, unpolyster resin solid surface stone is color change.

4. there is snowflake chips in acrylic solid surface stone fabrication, and in unpolyster resin solid surface stone fabrication, there will be acrid odor and powder dust.

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