Video Walls are the Next Big Thing

Posted by William Reed on April 22nd, 2017

A few years back, video walls or any digital signage was not easily attainable due to various factors including high costs which made it available to big commercial brands and spaces.

That is not the case today. In fact, more and more consumers are reaching out to explore video walls as a viable option for LCD digital signage. Communication and contact is not limited to only big names and corporate, it has surely become the need of the hour for all brands regardless of their size.

There are a few reasons why the sudden rise in the usage of video walls and why it is considered as the next ‘Big Thing’:

Screens as digital signage are becoming more affordable as the years go by. This in turn means that the consumer receives a faster return on their investment. Also, due to complete customization of the consumers needs, the LCD video wall controller can be altered effectively, which makes this installation and design an extremely simple process.

The size of the panel that symbolizes the end of a piece in a video wall is reducing making the entire experience seamless and pleasing to the eyes. The entire video wall looks like one unit giving you the perfect video wall solution to your digital signage needs.

One of the major concerns for a video wall early on was to achieve a good resolution at affordable price points. Either the resolution or the price would have to be as per desire. Fortunately with the rise of HD displays and 4K technology a couple of years back, this concern has been put to rest giving you the perfect video wall solution at an affordable price. This has opened the gates for consumers of all sizes and all industry to explore this form of digital signage.

Video Walls cater to consumers across all industries. From marketing firms, Health facilities to Educational institutes and Airports etc. A wide range of consumers are now gravitating towards Video Walls as an effective and eye-catching solution to reach out to their customers.

The competition is getting severe in the industry as many firms are exploring improvements in different areas of video walls. Be it the video wall controller or the processors, there’s an innovation at every step at a rapid pace. This only means that digital signages and particularly video walls are surely the next ‘Big Thing’.

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