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The mobile phones are very popular with the people of all strata. People find the device very useful for official communications, trading, using social media, banking jobs and entertainment purposes. You will one or more devices in the hands of almost entire population of the world. This gives an idea about the huge traffic which visits the mobile devices every day. How can the business sit idle without exploiting this readymade huge traffic? Various innovative tools are used by the Digital Marketing Services In Mumbai for effective mobile marketing for their clients. The advent of smart and android phones has made the mobile marketing more efficient and productive. The important tools which are used for the mobile marketing by the Digital Marketing Services Mumbai are social media, MMS, infrared, USSD, Bluetooth, Mobile internet as well as mobile apps.

 So mobile marketing has become an essential channel for connecting with the customers spread all over the world. The texts are made in the simplest form as to enable the readers to read. The present day visitors are very impatient. The marketer has to see that the texts are simple and interesting so that the visitors get attracted to the text. It is also possible to engage the audience into a campaign engaging maximum users. This channel of digital marketing is quite simple as well as cheap. This is true for both the marker as well as the customers. The other advantage of mobile marketing is that being simple and short it is understood by the users of all the age groups. Such visits can easily be used for attracting the customers to the client web sites.

 If we compare the statistics regarding the active email users and the mobile users we find that the mobile users are double in number than the active email users. The study shows that the mobile texts sent by Digital Marketing Services In Mumbai are seen by the users within fifteen minutes of delivery of the text message. The response to the text message also is available within an hour while for the email it takes months.

 The immense popularity of the mobile devices can be gauged from the data which shows that in thirty countries the ratio of number of mobile devices to the population is 1:1. When we look at the world population about 60% of the world population is regular users of mobile devices. In the countries like USA 80% of the population are mobile users. The statistics point clearly to the fact, that mobile marketing is the cheapest and the most efficient channel of digital marketing. With status of internet coverage getting improved with the every passing day more and more users will be enrolled in the mobile marketing net in the years to come. This will bring enhanced opportunities for the Digital Marketing Services Mumbai to exploit the mobile marketing channel of digital marketing for the efficient completion of the marketing projects of their clients. The SMS still is the most popular means of reaching the target customers in the realm of mobile marketing.

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