How to Select the Best Public Electric Car Charging Stations

Posted by bestevchargers on April 22nd, 2017

Electric vehicles are a relatively new item to the consumer item. It is bound to overtake the car market in the far future of course, considering how the world today is focusing on conserving energy. This is in addition to efforts for environmental protection.

You may be one of those individuals who decided to purchase an electric vehicle early on. While this is advantageous to you in terms of fuel costs, you may still be struggling to understand proper “refuel” of the car.

After all, charging up an electric vehicle isn’t like pumping petrol into your car, at a gas station…

Understanding the Unconventionality of Electric Chargers.

There are a few principles to understand about public electric car charging stations. The first would be supplying the energy resource to your car, and the necessity of storage.

You see, since this is electricity we’re talking about here, there is no need for a static site to store the fuel. With traditional gas stations, you must have a “staple” site for distribution. This is because a lot of the petrol is stored under the floors of the gas station itself.

This is not the case with public EV charging stations. Public EV charging stations are everywhere. They’re being adopted widely at many grand shopping centers, including Target and Walmart. You’ll find them at both shopping entrances and parking lots, where all you’ve got to do is park and plug-in.

This leads us to the 1st factor you must pay attention to. That would be the charger’s location. Since public EV charging stations are abundant, you must select a location convenient to your charging needs.

For example, let’s say you’re heading to a mall, and you’re seeking to recharge your vehicle. We do not recommend you select a car charging station that is located close to the entrance of a building. That would be too inconvenient of passersby, and also too insecure for your car.

Then there’s also the car station’s reliability. Don’t select a public car charging station that is in the middle of nowhere. Look for a car charging station that’s in a trusted area, preferably a spot of a big corporation, such as a large mall.

The second factor would be pricing. A lot of public car charging stations offer to charge your car, but many do not list their prices. You want to know how much you’ll get charged for every kilowatt per hour. The last thing you need is a car charging station that sucks your wallet dry since you didn’t know its expenses.

Or You Could Just Opt to Charge at Home…

This is an option too! You can actually install equipment at your house’s or building’s garage to charge your electric car! That way, you’ll never have to worry about search constantly for the “perfect parking spot” to get a charge in.

For that, you’ll need to seek a company that provides the best EV chargers for personal use. There are a lot of companies out there, but we’d be happy to recommend some that sell the best EV chargers on the market!

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