Canadian Life Insurance

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Canadians are realizing the need for life insurance and for more people, there is good news as the insurance companies have substantially lowered their rates over the past several years. Further more, Canada has a very sound financial services industry with the life insurance industry, having an excellent record for being able to keep its promises to consumers.

Canadian Life Insurance Buyers

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association works to ensure the health of the Canadian Life insurance industry through advocacy and lobbying activities and more. The association represents most of Canada's life and health insurance companies, puts out industry publications, and it also runs a Consumer Assistance Center (CA), which provides information to regular folks who come to them with questions. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association also operate an OmbudService complaints line and has been in existence since 1894.

Canadian Life Insurance Buyers Are Well Protected

Policyholders of Canadian life insurance companies are unlikely to have cause for concern about a company's ability to pay promised benefits. Life insurance companies licensed to write life insurance in Canada are required to be members of Assuris. In the unlikely event that your company becomes insolvent, your benefits are protected by this organization, an industry funded plan backed by the entire life insurance industry in Canada. When benefits are covered, Assuris will ensure that you will continue to receive the covered benefits under substantially the same terms and conditions that you were originally promised.

How To Shop For Canadian Life Insurance

Canadian's seeking life insurance are encouraged to comparison shop for the best life insurance rates with a reputable life insurance broker. This broker will "shop" the market for you as he has access to the database of all the life insurance companies. For whatever reason you are buying, make sure you get a good reputable company because at the end, your beneficiaries will thank the day you bought them some life insurance.

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