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Posted by johnsmith001 on April 22nd, 2017

Are you looking for the best property CRM to grow your business? We've reviewed all the options and these are the best ones out there to consider.

One of the biggest questions we’re questioned at Easy Agent Pro is “What Real Estate CRM should I make use of?” and it is a great question because there are so many of them to choose from. It is possible to really over analyze the choices out there and forget exactly why you’re choosing a crm systems Marbella in the first place:

To Convert More Leads and Systematically Stay In Touch With All Your Buddies
That’s it. CRMs have a ton regarding fancy things to distract you together with. But these fancy features aren’t what will pay your bills. You need to choose a real estate CRM that you’ll actually use to stay in touch with people. So, I’m going to layout the top 5 CRMs I see real estate agents using the most nowadays.
1) Top Producer – The Market Leading Option Leading Producer has been one of the top used property CRMs for almost the entire time CRMs have been with us. And that isn’t an easy feat. They’ve stayed on top by consistently adding new features to their product. They have several integrations with lead capture sources. And are consistently adding more.

The one knock against Top Producer is their outdated user interface. The particular graphics and display of their plan are severely out of date. It will take you just a bit to learn the way to navigate their system. But you should have no problem getting productive on the platform as soon as you get that lower.

2) Followup Employer – Efficiency in Property Follow up Boss’ platform was created to help teams effectively spread and immediately contact leads. They have automatic text and email notification for agents/owners of the leads. There are also advanced spill sequences inside the platform. One of the core benefits of Followup Boss is the easy way to see where your leads are coming from.

3) HubSpot – Free and High-Quality Hubspot recently released their CRM. Although it is not real estate specific, it offers a great free of charge option for many Realtors looking to get started for less.

4) Contractually – Easy & Straight-Forward real estate contact management contractually burst onto the real estate CRM scene just several years ago, but they have got quickly developed a place as being a highly focused platform. This is the best CRM for those of you looking for something that’s easy to use today.

In fact, I almost guarantee that you’ll see the biggest immediate boost in conversion to the client using this real estate CRM. It’s simply set up to make sure an individual contact people often.

Together with contractually, you place all your contacts in buckets. And all buckets have a contact frequency rule. Then contractually builds the daily contact list to make sure everyone’s contacted as frequently or infrequently as you want them to be.

5) Smart Agent – Convenience Wise real estate crm focus on providing all the features real estate agents need. They offer a slightly different layout compared to the additional CRMs on the list. And offer a lot of the features an individual agent needs to make their business run.

If you need a CRM that sets your email, calendar, and also tasks all in one place, considers Wise Agent.

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