Effectiveness of Mobile Management Software for Enterprises!

Posted by avantikasharmadelhi on April 23rd, 2017

Do your employees access sensitive work data on their mobile phones? Worried about the security risks? Check out the top five benefits of Mobile Management Software to help alleviate your concerns and to improve the workflow.

With a huge rise in popularity and preference for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), more and more employees across organizations of all sizes, are using their mobile devices to access company owned data while on the move. While most employees make use of their Smartphones to access work-related data, tablets and netbooks are also used.

Be it whether an employee is meeting a prospective client to deliver a presentation or looking to continue their work while commuting to and fro from the office, employees now access the firm’s data on their handheld devices.

Until a few years back, companies were reluctant to allow access to data on employee’s devices due to their inherent security risks. However, now organizations have realized that access to data on the fly helps to increase productivity and boost the morale of the employees.

Introducing Enterprise mobile management software

This is where Enterprise mobile management software plays a vital role. It supports and encompasses a collection of technologies, functions, and processes that help to streamline the management of mobile devices in the workplace. Apart from streamlining the process of accessing sensitive data via Smartphones, the EMM also increases the security of BYOD users.

On-premise and Cloud-based MDM software like MobiOcean help business of all sizes to regulate, manage and secure Smartphones and tablets while accessing the firm’s data. Such software helps in addressing the following critical challenges faced by enterprises by providing an efficient mobility technology solution.

Here are the top 5 benefits of deploying MDM software for enterprises.

1. Manage and Regulate the Use of Mobile Apps and Data

One of the best benefits of Mobile Management for Enterprise solutions is that it offers organizations gain better control over third party apps used by employees at the workplace. The system usually includes customized apps that employees can make use of to access and download work related data. Companies can blacklist app markets such as Google Play and the App store. Instead, firms can create a curated app store with a list of all the apps required by employees to use within the workplace.

2. Enforcing Beneficial Security Policies

Usually, employees bypass the security policy when it interferes with their usage. Ignoring it they continue downloading third party software and apps. Enterprises can avoid this by implementing robust EMM, which prevents employees from ignoring the company’s security policies, all the while providing a seamless usage experience.

3. Efficient Device Security

An efficient EMM provides a comprehensive solution for unfortunate incidents like lost mobile phones or leakage of data to competitors by a disgruntled employee. It sets in a mobile security policy which closes all the weak links in the data security of the enterprise.

4. Improving Productivity

This is one major benefit that comes along with Mobile Management for Enterprise. Employees can carry their work with them wherever they go. It gives greater flexibility to employees and boosts the morale of the workforce. Studies prove that with remote access to work data, employees work whenever they feel best irrespective of the time and location.

5. Cost Efficient

This is one of the biggest benefits of EMM. With employees bringing their own device, the cost of the IT infrastructure of companies gets reduced visibly. Companies have the option to move the entire data on to the cloud and employees can access the cloud, via their handheld devices.

Enterprise mobile management software is a win-win for both enterprises and its employees. Enterprises are freed from security risks, while employees get seamless access to data by bringing their own devices to the workplace.

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