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Finding reliable wedding vendors can sometimes be a bit intimidating and sometimes even stressful. Because of this many couples have been allowing friends and family to be either their photographer, videographer or DJ. You might think, “Hey I know they will do a good job and it will save me money. What's the worst that can happen?”

Hire Professional Wedding Vendors

There are two main reasons why couples should avoid making this crucial mistake. Let’s say you hire your friend or uncle to be your wedding photographer or videographer. You know that they do it as a hobby or maybe even it's their profession. Doesn’t matter. What happens when you get your images/video back and they aren’t what you expected? What if something was missed or lost that was very important to you? The personal relationship and feelings you have for that person has now been affected. Think about it. If you allow your friend to take your wedding pictures and they lose some or they turn out horrible, what is going to happen to your friendship? People always let personal feelings get in the way. It’s human nature and that’s okay. Second and probably most important reason to avoid this is these are your friends or your family. On your wedding day wouldn’t you prefer that they were guests and not employees? You probably want them to enjoy themselves and have fun rather than working the entire night. It’s best just to avoid the entire situation completely and go with a professional.

Some couples choose to book with family or friends due to financial limitations. Totally understandable! However, it is still not recommended and can be worked around. Everyone has a budget, some tighter than others. Best recommendation is to find wedding vendors that work with your budget. Avoid vendors that charge high interest rates or services charges. Find a vendor that allows payment plans. They are out there. Don’t give up or give in. Help is out there.

wisconsin wedding photography


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