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Posted by Mike Shah on April 24th, 2017

An Oracle SQL client tool can be handy when you need a reliable and all-around platform that can let you manage your Oracle database online from a web browser. There is no need to install a software or an Oracle client on every machine, so you can work anywhere or at any time you please. The best Oracle SQL client tool comes with an SQL report builder, which lets you create reports in formats like CSV, Excel, and PDF. With the ability to build SQL reports ad-hoc, the Oracle report builder lets you build reports, charts, data visualization, and dashboards with simple point-and-click actions. Here are some of the other benefits of using this Oracle tool: 

  • Build reports ad-hoc – Use the query editor and builder to create custom reports. The tool lets you add parameters to reports, which can be saved in a format that is easy for your users to use and read, like XSL, PDF, HTML, and CSV. 
  • Preview reports – An Oracle report builder lets you preview the reports before you build them. Once built, you can schedule and configure the reports to save on a user directory or deliver the results via email. 
  • Report scheduler – From the builder, you can schedule reports to function at repeated intervals.
  • Build D3-based charts – Leading report tools come with chart builders, which makes it easier to build D3-based charts. Look for an Oracle report builder that supports a wide array of charts, from the basics like pie, line, bar, box plot, and multi-bar, to specialized charts like bullet, chord, dendograms, gauge charts, and heat maps. 
  • Dashboard builder – From the report building platform, you can create dashboards and share their HTML link with other authorized users. Data grids and charts can be added to dashboards. You can configure the dashboard to be password-protected for an added layer of security to your database. Likewise, you can apply an expiration date on it to prevent access after a given amount of time. 

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This article is written by Mike Shah, the CTO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc Inc. is an online web based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offers DBHawk™ – a web based SQL tool & database reporting software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

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