10 Things Event Coordinators Wish They Could Say But Can't

Posted by aaarents on April 24th, 2017

Events and weddings can be a big important day for clients and as an event coordinator, I understand. But sometimes clients forget that we aren't their slaves and can make over-the-top demands. Take a read below, these are things event coordinators can’t say because we have to stay polite for our clients...but every event coordinator wants to say them at some point.

  1. You Are Not Royalty

You get what you pay for, and you didn't pay to be a king or queen for a day. It's frustrating to event coordinators when clients think they're royalty and expect us to say 'yes' to every demand, especially to ones outside of their budget.

  1. You Need to Communicate Better

Communication between the client and coordinator is key when it comes to planning a successful event, and people are not mind readers. Work on clarity.

3.You Need to Trust Me

If you hired me to coordinate your event, it means I know how to do my job in a professional manner. You don't need to micromanage or explain in painful detail everything you ask me to do. Just trust me and I will have it done. If something doesn't work out, I always have a backup plan.

  1. We Can't Break the Law For You

You don't make the law and neither do I, so when you make any illegal demands, I have to decline and offer an alternative. Just because you hired me, that doesn't give me free reign to break laws for you -- and it doesn’t give you the right to ask me to.

  1. Communicate With Me Only and I will Communicate With Vendors

It's my job to make sure everything is set in place in the order you want, including table rentals and other vendors. Don't go behind my back and speak to each vendor by yourself because this will cause some major miscommunication issues. Communicate with me only and I will save you the time of communicating with each and every vendor.

  1. You Need to Tell Me What Other People/Companies Are Bringing

This is another communication mishap that happens way too often. As my client, you don't want any unexpected surprises and neither do I as your event coordinator. You need to tell me what people are bringing to your event to ensure the safety of everyone and prevent any laws from being broken.

  1. Logistics Trumps Creativity

Sometimes clients ask for crazy, out-of-this-world features for their events that just are too "creative" to be done. I try my best to explain to clients that logistics always trump creativity. If they still push for their crazy idea, they'll soon get a lesson on receiving what they need instead of what they want.

  1. Deadlines are There for a Reason

Respecting deadlines is one of the most important parts of event coordination and clients often ask to miss them. We just can't do this. If we push one scheduled thing back, then we everything behind it back, resulting in possible rescheduling fees from services.

  1. Let Me Do My Job

If you thought you could do it yourself, then why are you hiring me? Let me do my job and don't go behind my back to do it for me. You should be enjoying your event while it's taking place instead of running around doing things you already asked me to do.

  1. It's Not My Job

I'm your event coordinator, not your fairy-god-parent. There are just some tasks that are outside of my jurisdiction. I can't be your therapist or your personal chef. Sometimes I need to decline tasks you ask of me.

I know some of you event coordinators out there have more things you wish you could say but can’t. What are some of your biggest ones?

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