How to Save Money when Booking a Hotel in Livigno Italy

Posted by Antonio Arola on April 24th, 2017

Times have certainly changed when it comes to booking hotels for that next awesome holiday, and before the rise of the internet we all used to rely on word of mouth and phone the hotel directly and there, booking was done. We had nothing to compare prices to, and just accepted the price that we got. You had no idea what the hotel looked like, and went on a wing and a prayer. Nowadays our budgets are stretched and getting a good deal is always at the top of mind. But with the mighty rise of the internet, things are easier. There are ways to save money when you’re booking hotel livigno in Italy, and we’re going to show you how so that you can get that holiday of your dreams.

Time that Booking

Did you know that prices fluctuate on any given day? This is due to the fact that the hotel will change its rates dependant on whether they think they can fill their rooms for the night. The best time to book is actually 24 hours before your stay. This is often when a hotel in Livigno Italy will slash their prices so they aren’t faced with empty rooms. This does obviously create a bit of uncertainty and isn’t ideal if you’re travelling to Livigno for the first time.

But there is help at hand! There are plenty of websites out there that have added price predictors to their models, allowing you to understand when prices will fall or when they will go back. They also predict when to time your bookings to get the best price without running the risk of landing up not getting a room. They predict room availability as well as price fluctuations. Pretty neat indeed. Examples include Bing’s price predictor as well as Kayak.

Check if you qualify for Discounts

Many credit cards or loyalty programs will offer you discounts on travel. So take a look at what you’ve got and see if you’re able to get a great discount on travel. This can also save you quite a substantial amount of money.


Hone those negotiation skills and speak up!

When you book, don’t go for the fanciest room in the place. Book a cheaper room and then ask for an up upgrade. You’re more likely to be successful if you’re travelling in off-peak times; there’s a much better chance of getting that upgrade.

Here are a few tactics you can try to score that upgrade you want!

  • Once you’ve booked call a manager and see what rooms are available and if you mention a special occasion, you’re all set to go. This is a great tactic.
  • Showing up exactly at check-in time hoping that your room won’t be ready, will mean that they have to give you a better prepped room. If they offer you the same room type, you can ask for an upgrade for the inconvenience that it’s caused you! 
  • Try tipping in advance, and ask very, very nicely for an upgrade. As they say you can catch more bees with honey, so bring out your best manners!

If you follow these tips, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll get the best deal possible, and you won’t break the bank. Use the extra money for some awesome activities, and in Livigno, Italy there are plenty to choose from!

So, now you know the secret tips to get you well on your way to a bargain. Use them and reap the rewards.

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