Who Needs a Liver Transplant?

Posted by marry jose on April 24th, 2017

Liver is the most vital organ of the human body, which protects the body from various ailments. When liver is not able to perform 80-90 % of its functions, then liver transplant is the only cure. Liver transplant is a complex process involving number of steps, and a set of rules to be followed post the transplantation.

There are number of liver diseases that may result in complete liver failure. Various types of liver problems that may lead to situations of liver transplantation are: 

1.  Acute liver failure: This is the spontaneous failure of liver where a person starts showing symptoms of liver disease in a span of 2-4 weeks. In such cases, there is no prior history of liver problems. Some of the reasons cited for acute liver failure are: 

• Hepatitis E virus infection

• Rat poison

• Wilson’s disease

• Unknown reasons

A person suffering from Acute Liver Failure needs to consult a Liver Transplant Surgeon immediately. Dr. Vivek Vij, a renowned Liver transplant surgeon in delhi, who has also been awarded by the prestigious International Transplant Society in India; offers moderate cost of liver transplant in India.

2. Chronic liver failure: The most common type of liver disease arises when the damage of liver prolongs over a period of time. Some of the reasons cited for this failure are: 

• Excessive alcohol consumption

• HBV infection

• HCV infection

• Non alcoholic fatty liver disease

• Cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis

Chronic Liver Failure is a fatal condition in which doctors immediately recommend Liver Transplant. Dr. Vivek Vij, a renowned Liver Transplant surgeon performs Liver Transplant in India, with 95% patient success rate.

The above-mentioned liver related issues, if ignored for a longer period of time, results in a complete damaged liver that is beyond repair. There are certain norms that need to be followed while considering a liver transplant. In case of a living donor, he should be your relative or a friend and in case of deceased donor, he must have died recently with no previous problematic organ history.

There are a number of factors involved, which affect the overall cost of liver transplantation. You will need to visit the hospital to know the accurate estimates. Depending upon the condition of the patient, doctors may suggest the total costing.

Liver is responsible for more than 500 functions of our body. Whatever you eat or drink passes through the liver so taking it seriously is very essential. Thus, take good care of your liver.

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