What Is Mortgage And Life Protection Insurance?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Mortgage and life protection insurance which is also known as a mortgage protection plan does just what its name suggests. This type of policy will enable your loved ones to pay the mortgage should you die before it is paid off.

However it does more than just pay out should you die immediately. If you take out this type of insurance you will be covered if you happen to be diagnosed with a terminal illness from which you aren?t expected to live for more than 12 months.
The policy may also pay out if you have taken optional cover for critical illness and are diagnosed with a critical illness which is covered by your policy. If you have taken the option for permanent disability and the worst should happen and you become permanently disabled, then you will also be covered.

The mortgage protection plan (not to be confused with mortgage payment protection insurance) works slightly different to the level payment protection plan in that the amount which it pays out decreases the longer you have the plan. This is the type of plan which would most suit those who have taken out a repayment mortgage. It wouldn?t benefit those who have an interest only mortgage.

While the cover reduces the longer you have the policy, there is always enough cover to cover your mortgage.

Insurance of this type can be taken out jointly or singularly depending on the circumstances and there is no cash in value on this type of policy.

As always, there are exclusions as with any insurance policy and you should make sure you understand the terms that are laid out in the policy. Shopping around can help you to get a cheaper deal due to premiums varying widely from company to company. Getting online quotes from as many companies as possible before narrowing down your choice is essential to getting the best deal and value for your premium.

Many policies of this type will also include free accidental death cover, so when assessing premiums this is one factor to take into account. What this cover means is that from the time you make your application to you either being declined or accepted, if you should have an accident which results in your death up to 90 days later, then you are covered anyway.

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