Private Clouds vs Public Clouds: Choose the Best for Your Business

Posted by julesa on April 24th, 2017

You’ve obviously heard of “the cloud.” Not the ones in the sky; although, these clouds are just as intangible. There are two kinds of clouds: private and public; although, private clouds are growing in popularity for their various benefits. Below, you can find out more about private clouds and why you’re better off investing in them than public clouds.

A private cloud, also known as a private cloud hosting solution, or an internal cloud, resides in a company’s intranet or hosted data center. A hosted data center is the part of your system which protects data behind a firewall. This is an excellent opportunity for companies as many have large data centers, and by using a private cloud, they can use their base infrastructure.

The main drawback for private clouds is that the management, the upkeep, and the maintenance of the entire data center is controlled by the company. Over time, these servers must be updated or replaced, which makes the price tag of having private clouds that much more expensive. That being said, because your server’s upkeep is completely your responsibility, you have complete security and control over how your information is shared and maintained. This provides you with optimal privacy. The many benefits to private clouds is why you should invest your time and money into one rather than investing in a public cloud.

The main difference between the best private cloud and public clouds is that a public cloud handles the maintenance of your servers. Because of this, your security can be compromised and you have more chances of having your data hacked or altered. The major benefit to using a public cloud is that you’ll be saving valuable time when testing and deploying new products. Because you’re saving time, you’ll be able to invest your valuable resources and time into other parts of your company. While it may seem nice to save time in the handling of data, you’re much more secure when you choose a public cloud. Security breaches within public clouds are rare, since your data is mad separate from that of everyone else; however, they do happen.

Ultimately, the choice between which cloud to use is completely yours. You can go with the public cloud, which saves you time and effort because you don’t have to hiring employees to manage it for you. That being said, those who create a private cloud will benefit from optimal security, which is absolutely essential when you’re running a company. You’ll be spending much more money; however, you, your employees, and your clients can know that their data is safe on your servers. At the end of the day, you’re better off going with a private cloud for the best storage for virtualization.

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