Guide to Buy 4G Router with Ethernet for Your Wireless System

Posted by Szelins on April 25th, 2017

The dizzying speeds offered by internet service providers are best experienced through the high speed 4G routers.  A primitive router would offer no assistance to high speed requirements or networks. Getting the best out of networks demands the use of the right hardware, which includes the right routers. Here is how you should go about narrowing down your choice of routers to the best model that will help you to enjoy all applications and graphics/video intensive content.

Your router needs to be future proof

Changes are rapid in the world of internet communications.  Bracing up for changes includes going in for routers that will offer options in the face of future changes. Look for a router that supports triple WAN connectivity. This way you can enjoy connectivity through ADSL, Fiber and Cable. In other words, it effectively means that even in one of the modes of connection appear outdated, you are still left with other options to continue using the internet.

Uninterrupted connectivity through automatic changeover

Most of the applications require uninterrupted connectivity. Opt for a router with features for automatic changeover to available networks to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. This way many critical, official or personal needs to remain connected are unaffected. These options include the use of USB dongles for alternative options in the face of possible network outages that can severely affect your connectivity.

Ethernet ports for connectivity

The router should have Ethernet ports to offer connectivity to workstations.  Some business needs require a higher level of security and uninterrupted connectivity. This mandate the use of Ethernet for workstations in a SOHO environment.  Look for 4G routers that have inbuilt Ethernet ports for connecting multiple workstations to the router for high speed network.

Enhanced firewall and security measures

The routers should offer enhanced security both physical and cyber. The present era of Wi-Fi sniffing and hacking can lead to serious compromise of data and information over unsecured connections. Therefore choose a 4G router that has inbuilt security measure such as VPN IP Security (IPSec),  AES 256 and 3DES,SSL/TLS & SSH. This will ensure that your data is safer from attempts to hack into your network by taking advantages of router insecurity.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Another feature that ideally needs to be in a 4G router is VoIP. This will permit you to make and receive calls with advanced features. This option will offer a standy option to make and receive calls, simultaneously while using the router for internet applications. A cheaper option to make and receive calls, VoIP offers great features, which require the support of the right hardware, including the router.

4G LTE, acronym for Long Term Evolution offers high speed connectivity which enriches the experience of the internet. Most of the applications and websites use graphics intensive content and videos for a better experience. It is therefore important to have a good 4G router that offers great connectivity at high speeds with the features mentioned above to improve performance.

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