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Concrete Driveway and Concrete Repair in Christchurch

Posted by flashconcrete on April 25th, 2017

Concrete driveway consists of two terms that are concrete and driveway. Driveway refers to a short private road that leads from public road to a house or garage. On the hand, the other usage of Concrete driveway when homeowners build a new driveway or revamp existing one, have an option to turn it into concrete.

Now, let's acquaint with the types of concrete.Exposed aggregate concrete is a standard grey or off white cement mixture with selected type of customised stone, pebbles. The finish is not smooth and stones present in the mixture make it rough.

Plain concrete is a familiar one which consists of standardised grey cement mixture that we see at footpaths. This concrete is the cheapest option.

Coloured concrete is a standard grey or off white cement mixture with a colour oxide mixed through. This creates a permanent colour. Because of the absence of stones, it's not suitable for paving outdoors as it would create a slippery or hazardous surface.

Benefits of Concrete Christchurch:

Now, let us spark the light on the benefits of concrete driveway which are as under

  • Concrete Driveway is very much Affordable as it offers competitive initial cost because of no maintenance also offers considerable savings over time.
  • The quality of a driveway is home the first impression.
  • Concrete adds value to your curb as an appeal by presenting a clean, professional appearance.
  • Durable as in driveway natural steel and rock is used that can handle wear and tear that results long lasting decorative because of the presence of colours in it.
  • The concrete driveway also acts as a development tool for the upbringing of the city. Because of well-furnished driveway roads looks clean, decent.
  • With the upliftment of society, the city comes under top cities and tourism also attracted towards the furnished city.

How to fix the Concrete Repair:

Usually, concrete lasts long for many years. But, you may find some cracks after few years, or there may be some damages. So, you have to fix those damages and cracks as soon as possible; because a simple repair can save a lot of money.

At Flash Concrete we provide a wide range of services. Few of them given below

  • Interior Designer Flooring
  • Interlocking Paving
  • Excavation and Base Preparation
  • Polished Concrete
  • Acid Stains and Dyes
  • Vertical Stone Overlays
  • Epoxy Crack Repairs to Concrete
  • Driveway and Patio Concrete Repair
  • Floor & Concrete Preparation
  • Grinding, Water-blasting
  • Floor Levelling
  • crack Repair
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Full Outdoor Entertaining Areas

To know more about Concrete Christchurch please visit our website HERE:

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