Production Of Thick Film Circuit And Integrated Circuit

Posted by Nammo on April 25th, 2017

The manufacturers manufacture thick film circuit or wire bonding for various industrial applications. So, the manufacturers are engaged in the process of manufacturing them and also finally supplying it to the distributors. These thick films or bonding circuits are used for various commercial and industrial applications. They are also used in medical field for imaging and diagnostic purposes. So, they are used for finding the depth of any disease.  The companies engaged in producing sensor technology products also require them. These products are also used to manufacture other medical equipments for providing treatment to patients with severe problems. In automobiles, also such parts are installed for sensory purpose. These parts should be manufactured very carefully and the manufacturers should follow the industrial standards.

Fabrication of thick film circuit

For thick film circuit fabrication, different conductors are used. They comprise of either single layers, double layers or multiple layers and are dielectric in nature. These equipments are plated through hole. To some extent, they also consist of ceramic substrates with composition of alumina, beryllium oxide, aluminum nitrate etc.  The other substrates that are present in the circuit are glass, macor, ferrite, and quartz.
Then the process of substrates take place by using the process of laser scribing, laser drilling, machining through laser and diamond saw cut. Then an assembly is prepared of surface mount, solder reflow, non-conducive epoxy, and a pin attachment. The process of wire bonding takes place by using gold wedges, balls and aluminum wedges. At the surface, it is lapped, fired and polished. Hence, in the circuit different active and passive components are present. The die attach of the hybrid integrated circuit comprises of several semi-conductors.

Testing and measurement process takes place to ensure that the physical dimensions, connection integrity, trace thickness, width, performance and other environmental factors are proper.

Design process

The team members are also engaged in the design process of thick film circuit and also provide layout assistance. They are engaged in other jobs such as documentation, delivery, testing and assembly process also. They manufacture 100% useful parts. While designing they should consider different factors such as normal thickness of the substrates, conductors to be used, parameter, resistor, vias that is filled or plugged with holes. The supply chain management team ensures that the substances are not purchased from the conflicted areas. The value of the parameter should be correct and they comprise of multiple resistors on the side of the chip.

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