Why you should be promoting your company on LinkedIn

Posted by wlmedia on April 25th, 2017

Why you should be promoting your company on LinkedIn

As a business owner, you're likely aware of LinkedIn. Many people equate LinkedIn with looking for a job, but it can be used as an excellent tool for promoting and growing your business and customer base through the careful use of SEO services and SEO practices. There are multiple reasons that you should be promoting your company on LinkedIn, and there are some valuable tools that you can use on the site in order to greatly expand the reach of your business.

Reasons to use LinkedIn to promote your business

According to LinkedIn, the site has more than 467 million registered users in more than 200 countries around the world. In addition to people who are searching for jobs, professionals congregate on the site, including project managers, human resources professionals, marketers and others. Worldwide, 33 percent of professionals use LinkedIn, and 40 percent of the site's users check it every day. In addition, 49 percent of the key decision makers of companies regularly use LinkedIn for networking and other business purposes.

It is important for your business to establish its presence on LinkedIn and to do so by using more than an outdated, barebones personal page. By actively promoting your business with the site's tools, you can attract the top talent in your industry. In addition to placing job postings on the site, you can also use the LinkedIn search feature. This helps you to find the right people and to then reach out to them and invite them to join your company.

In addition to establishing your business's presence, building your network on LinkedIn is also a key to promoting your business. LinkedIn has an advanced search feature that you can use. It is smart to leverage your existing connections in order to grow your network instead of just passively waiting for others to randomly follow your business.

Harness the power of your LinkedIn company page

Instead of viewing your LinkedIn company page as just a landing page for your business's brand, you should instead use it to drive your business results. You should use your company page to link to your business's website, raise awareness about the services or products that you are offering, educate prospective customers and promote career opportunities. You can think of your company page as a free marketing tool that can be used to expand your loyal customer base. To help you do this, you should regularly update your status on your company page with compelling information and make certain that the content you include is rich and interesting.

You can increase your business's visibility by using SEO keywords on your company's page. There are tools that are available to help you identify the keywords that are the most valuable for your industry such as SEMRush and Google AdWords. After you have identified the most important keywords for driving traffic to your site with SEO services, incorporate some of them on your company page and watch your visibility increase on search engines.

Your company page should also be designed with care. Make certain that the banner you choose is creative and enhances your brand. Smart SEO practice indicates that you should include relevant links from your company page to your other channels, including your blog, website, Facebook page, Youtube channel and others. Ask your employees and business contacts to add your company page. This will automatically make them followers and allow you to tap into their own networks, greatly expanding your potential reach. Make certain to make regular posts that are valuable in order to retain your followers and grow even more. If you feel that you don't have enough time to write great SEO content for your company page, consider hiring a company that offers SEO services, including content creation, to do it for you.

Reach out to the world with LinkedIn groups

When you have established an outstanding company page that is full of rich content and terrific links, you are not finished with promoting your business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn groups are another tool you should have in your toolbox for business promotion, and you can use them to effectively reach out to the world and interact with it. Groups can be used to network, establish your experience, recruit talent and increase your brand awareness.

You can search for groups that align with your business's goals and interests using the search function or review the groups that LinkedIn suggests for you. When you are active in groups, you can expand your presence to beyond your geographical location while interacting with other professionals in your field. The more that you interact in your groups, the more people will view your company page, helping to improve your online reputation.

You can share content to your groups that may help to drive interest in your business. In addition to joining and participating in groups that align with your business goals, you might also join groups that are comprised of people who are in your targeted market.

Publish high-quality content on LinkedIn Pulse

Another excellent tool that is recommended by SEO services agencies is LinkedIn Pulse. This is an app that can be used to deliver tailored content to people's smartphones. You can also increase your business's visibility by creating content and publishing it on LinkedIn Pulse. This publishing platform was launched by LinkedIn in 2014, and it has become a destination for users of the site. You can find Pulse on the drop-down menu under the interests section. You can publish a post from the Pulse main page. Alternatively, you can do so from your LinkedIn page. It is important for you to write about topics in which you have expertise. Keep your writing focused and interesting, and do not try to cover too many topics in one post. Aim to post long-form posts of more than three paragraphs. The more that you publish, the greater your credibility will be. Using LinkedIn to promote your business is vital in today's world. By using the tools that the site has available combined with SEO good practices, you can increase your online presence, build your reputation and grow your company and your customer base.

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