What Are The Benefits Of SIP Trunking?

Posted by Leewood on April 26th, 2017

SIP trunking is proving to be a great way to cut costs and improve efficiency in organizations. Find out about some of its main benefits.

With an increasing number of businesses moving to the next generation IP ambience with wireless as well as wired networks, SIP trunking is becoming more and more popular. Many companies are trying to improve efficiency and reduce expenses, and they are getting the best opportunities with SIP. Find out about some of the main benefits of opting for SIP, which is a fully unified communications platform.

Merger of Voice and Data Connections

SIP removes the need for isolated voice and data connections, and allows cost savings. Voice and data can converge, leading to reduced management clutter and lowered infrastructure investments.

No need for BRI, PRIs or PSTN Gateways

With SIP trunking, the need for such types of hardware systems is removed. This reduces telephonic costs. SIP extends existing communications system only through IP, making you need just internet connectivity. This is something that is most probably already exists in your organization.

Major Scalability Potential

Mid or large-scale corporate organizations anticipating major expansion moves in the coming days can depend on the scalability that is offered by SIP trunks. There is no need to replace existing phone hardware, IP systems and PBX in the organization. With SIP, you can also get the flexibility use such investments optimally for improving communications systems.

Cost Savings

When you use SIP trunks, you can make calls over the web – even international calls – with the help of the internet. This can lead to significant reduction in long distance call charges. For example, while using VOIP trunking if you use the international 001 dialing code to start a call to LA, you can re-route the call to the SIP trunks host. This can redirect the call in turn to the closest access point to LA. Then the call is charged similar to a local call, and can offer you high savings – particularly if you have suppliers or clients who are based overseas. It can also remove the need for expensive 800 numbers.

Ease of configuration

It is easier and simpler to configure SIP services, and you will need to invest much less for designing, management, operating and upgrading. Any investment with SIP service provider can give you high ROI. You can get cheaper international and national calls with SIP lines, a unified single infrastructure and a high quality voice. You can easily benefit from this type of IP based system than continuing to depend on standard, redundant telephone networks.

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