5 Things Every .Net Developer Must Know

Posted by visualcoder on April 26th, 2017

Career opportunities for .NET developer are wide and always future oriented. Skill and a lot of training as it requires, it also guarantees you a good income and a support system in the near future.

With regular upgrading of these fields on the rise, you also need to walk in collaboration with the upcoming changes. .NET training is feasible and is at avail at a reputed dot net training institute.

Given below are top five career options or opportunities for a .NET developer in 2017:

1. WEB DEVELOPMENT: Web development has always been a growing industry since the commercialisation of Internet, especially in Mumbai. The main reason for this industry to expand within the last few years is that all businesses and sectors want to sell and advertise their products as well as services to the customers. When this in the case, all companies look out for an innovative Web Developer.

2. CLOUD COMPUTING: This job basically involves the sharing of computer resources and other data to a group of different computers. This job is usually done because you look forward to benefit your customers with such services without them having the need to specialise or gain deep knowledge in it. The cloud looks forward to preserve the interests of customers by eliminating IT obstacles. This job cuts costs for customers due to which it is one of the most preferred by them

3. MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: It basically involves the formation of mobile applications by utilising software development activities that can be used for daily needs in mobile phones.This is an in-demand career opportunity in Mumbai that will only rise in the near future. Make your aim to get hooked with such a job, which will definitely be advantageous to your future.

4. DESIGNING OF UI BY USING XAML: XAML stands for Extensive Application Markup Language which is used for initialising values and objects. It provides with the benefit of defining UI rather than any other procedural code. XAML can be rightly used for designing UI codes and thus generating them. Designing of UI by using XAML can be used in designing visual effects in the Visual Studio. This application is however upgraded to Visual Studio 2017 Documentation. Look out for it.

5. WINDOW APPLICATIONS:This opportunity provides with a platform for amenities like to write rich client applications for desktop, laptop and tablet PCs. It is an easy and feasible option to provide Graphical User Interface to the .NET framework. These applications are preferable because they provide direct access to Win32 call-backs. And this feature is not supported by non-windows applications. So demand for Windows Applications is on the high.

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