O.P.T.I.M.A.L. approach to organize a successful Team building event

Posted by jeenniwill on April 28th, 2017

Team building – a word which we have heard from our childhood to time we start working. Team building, team work will get you success, but to boost up your team and having that approach is most important. If you are planning for a team building session and but finding it hard where to start with? Do not worry. Simple take help of ‘dummy guide’ for planning a team building empresas and it will make you look like a professional.

  1. Objectives of Team building –

What the purpose of having this event and what outcome you expect to achieve? Having the scope of work in mind, helps to plan the activities and efforts will meet the expectations. Clear objective helps to set the atmosphere of team building session and everyone moves in same direction of goal. Let’s check some of the common reasons why Team Building is most needed –

  • It creates a bong in team with new members
  • It provides an opportunity for different departments to interact with each other.
  • Can discuss some work issues
  • It helps to reinforce corporate values
  • It’s just like a training
  • To have fun environment
  • Rewarding the staff apart from the office
  1. Profile of Participants –

Who is going to attend the team building session?  Its important to now the profile of members to plan the activities accordingly. Age, gender or mix, education level, job scope has to be taken in consideration while planning programme to ensure its suitable and relevant to participants.

  1. Time frame –

What is the date and duration for team building session? Its important to decide a date prior and decide the venue and check the availability of speakers. Its recommended to plan an event, catering, etc. 2-3 months for 80 participants.

  1. Inclinations of Participants –

What participants prefer to do during the team building session? To know the age and profile is most important to understand what activities they will like like indoor-games or outdoor adventures or mix of both.

  1. Money –

What budget are you planning for activity? Budget decides the venue, food and activities and duration of event.  So if you have no information about it, plan something not too ambitious, make a scope of changes if needed.

  1. Assessment of Success

What will be the success scale of Team building session? Success depends on participants output, if they enjoyed themselves its measured as success.

  1. Location

Where are you planning to have Eventos team building? Location has most effect on the atmosphere of team building session. Above six points give a structure where you should hold the team building session.

So not taking much of time, gather all information and plan an interesting session for your team or if you are in Chile and finding best team that can help you to make wonderful team building Chile, simply contact us at http://www.inspiring.cl/.