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As this company manufactures the test machine, we recompense customers for our efforts.
We catch up with today’s competitive business over the world and keep up technical development and quality control.

Nowadays, domestic test manufactures have been developing day by day however, the Government affiliated research institute, university, a business entity and etc. use exotic tester equipment, so there have been some distrust and prejudice about domestic tester. As more than 20year career of professional technicians show, we have know-how and skills therefor, we change exotic equipment to domestic and make new products. We are a leading testing instruments manufacturer in Korea.

We offer customers for batter service with the professional knowledge, information, the specialized material-property tester and the reliability tester.

Now and forever, we make an exertion of challenging and passion to research and develop so that we do our best to make our customers happy. Finally, as the honest business administration, we thoroughly abide by our promise.

Our company’s credo is “the customer is first” so we will do the best we can. Please, keep up the encouragement and guidance to TESTONE CO., LTD. hoping the future will bring you the fulfillment of your work. Our Universal Testing Machine products are

  • Universal Servo Testing Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Mechanical Universal Testing Machine
  • Low Cost Type Universal Testing Machine
  • Various grips

Universal Servo Testing Machine

Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will require to customer by the best product.

Model Name: TO-104


  • This product is a kind of hydraulic universal materials machine. In addition to basic functions, It equipped with computers for data analysis to collect data and analyze. So, the test results can be printed by graphic, or printer. It helps to ease the management of test data and various accessory devices make it more convenient to operate. In other words, this is a high-precision universal testing machine.
  • By adopting of computer system, it is easy to manage test data.
  • By using of high-precision load detector, you can get high accuracy data, and high durability is guaranteed.
  • This machine has a hydraulic chuck with an open front. Also, it is easy to operate through remote control switches.
  • Windows version is the testing program that includes other various testing programs. It can be converted freely by the user.

For more details about universal testing machine manufacturer in Korea, check it our website http://www.testone.co.kr/en/inc_html/

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