The Truth About Term Life Insurance With No Exam

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

You may be surprised ? some of you pleasantly surprised ? to find out that not all tem life insurance companies require potential policyholder?s to undergo a medical exam. That?s right; you can get term life insurance with no exam. Not that there are term life insurance companies out there offering term life insurance policies with no medical exams, but, there are some out there.

Whether or not you are going to be able to get term life insurance with no exam really depends on the term life insurance company from which you want to purchase your term life insurance policy. Each term life insurance company requires, or does not require, its potential policyholders to undergo a medical exam based on that particular term life insurance company?s underwriting process. For example, some fly-by-night term life insurance company?s may try to lure customers by boasting the fact that they offer term life insurance with no exam. At the same time, longstanding and reputable term life insurance companies may offer term life insurance with no exam to potential policyholders of a certain age who wish to purchase a certain amount of term life insurance.

So, if you are seeking term life insurance with no exam, you simply need to contact several different term life insurance companies and ask about their underwriting processes as far as medical exams are concerned. Always research the term life insurance company before purchasing anything.

Whether or not a term life insurance company requires a full medical exam, most term life insurance companies do require a blood sample and/or urine sample. These samples are used to determine the kinds of medical conditions you have, whether or not you know about them, therefore allowing the term life insurance company to decipher the kind of risk they face if they insure you. Blood and urine samples are also used to find out what kinds of medications ? prescription, over-the-counter, and illegal ? you take.

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