Highlights about Security Access Control Systems

Posted by biosyskenya on April 30th, 2017

Why is security access control important?

In any place, security access control is an important term. Security of a place has become a national concern these days owing to the rise in a number of terror attacks and the number of bombings that have been occurring on a large scale. It is important for any authority to have access control on their areas of concern.

Locks and login credentials are the basics of the security access control. Locks can be considered under the manual or the physical access control, where a human is required to assess the person or the vehicle coming in, and then regulate the access. They can be used when the traffic isn't too heavy for the person to manage. Credentials are something that includes cards or passes that would be required to swipe through a system, for the access into the area of concern.

Biometric systems are the prime access control systems that are more in demand and are trusted when it comes to security access control Kenya. As the name suggests, the person is allowed to enter a particular area only after the biometric access control system allows. That is, the fingerprints are unique to each person and hence, the biometric systems cannot be tricked or bluffed. The fingerprints are read and are then allowed to enter the person.

Apart from the two prime mechanisms, passwords to be a source of security access control. That is, the person is given a single password that is unique and the person is let only after he or she puts in the password in the access control system. Again, this is useful only when the traffic is regulated and well in control. Until and unless the authority is well accustomed to the people it allows, it cannot give away unique passwords to the people it needs inside the premises.