Golf Slow Play Could Speed up by Installing pace of the Play Clocks

Posted by Chomko LA on May 1st, 2017

Golf is an interesting outdoor game in which players attempt to put a small golf ball in to the holes located in the 18 courses spread around a huge well manicured grassy field inter spread with various obstacles like water holes and sand bunkers. The player who manages to put the ball in to each hole with minimum handicaps is the winner and points are awarded for each hole and the aggregate helps the organizers to declare the winner or champion. Time clocks are placed all over the courses to show timings to the players so they could adjust the speed of play according to the allotted time. Here the factor golf slow play comes in to focus as players take their time to play shots resulting into slowing down of the play.

The golf slow play is the most unwanted factor in the game of golf and audience would get bored by the proceedings and lose interest in the game which is not a good thing for the organizers as millions of dollars are at stake. Tournaments all over the world get substantial coverage through TV channels and viewership could get affected drastically if the play gets slow. This would also mean loss of exposure for the sponsors and the obvious withdrawal of sponsorship. In order to speed up play, golf course owners install time clocks that are known as “pace of play clocks”at various holes to remind players of the time remaining and accordingly adjust their play so each of the hole is finished within the stipulated time.

The pace of play clocks are special clocks that can be analog as well as digital and have huge dials that could convey time to people standing at far distances without difficulty. Players after teeing off keep an eye on this clock all the time, so they don’t lag behind time and accordingly plan their strokes and timing to reach the hole. Quality time clocks for golf slow play is manufactured and supplied to the golf industry by entrepreneurs who use the state-of-the-art technology to produce elegant looking clocks that can convey time both on their huge dial and also on the digital display board under all kinds of weather and visibility. Installing the pace of play clocks in golf importantly improve the rhythm of the game and keep spectators attention intact.


This article is about the golf slow play and the meaning of it and also the pace of the play clocks that significantly improve the speed of play by reminding players of the time remaining in a particular course.

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