Educate Teens on Negative Impact of Cyber Crimes

Posted by John Smith on May 1st, 2017

Cyber crime and cases of cyber bullying has become alarmingly high and due to increase in internet usage and social media apps, it has come out to be common concern. Everyday there are thousands of people involved in the same and most fragile targets are teens. It is important to conduct workshop and invite speakers to speak on such topics and educate people on how to prevent cyber bullying. There are many schools and educational institutional who conduct regular trainings to put in best place practices to identify, prevent and respond to such attempts.

One of the common forms of cyber crime is sexting which involves sharing of naked pictures, sending sexual related texts, videos or pictures and exchanging dirty messages. It is illegal to get involved in sexting if you are below 18 years and one must be careful because no one knows how someone is going to use it. Renowned and influential sexting speaker help in understanding the root cause of the problem and help in preventing one from getting trapped in such situation.

There are many reasons why young people are more prone to sexting bully and get involved in such cyber crime cases. The first reason as found by sexting expert is that teens are more gullible to situations and it is easy to lure them into such situations. The main reasons identified for sexting includes exploring sexual feelings, flirting, getting attention & creating a sexual bond, difficulty is saying no when someone is being persistent etc.

Speaking about sexting crime and training people regarding the same is very important to avoid getting trapped in dark situations. It is important to report such cases to social media sites to stop getting bullied. As per law, there are certain actions a person can take against sexting related crimes and sharing a naked or semi picture of someone below 18 years is against law.

The cyberbullying assembly conducted by experts like Dr Sameer Hinduja, professor in School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University helps in understanding the dangers related to sexting. It is true that there is no control on how the picture is shared and one is not aware on when someone can misuse it. Using the picture, anyone can blackmail or bully you into doing sexual favours or gain monetary benefits.

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