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Posted by Mark Sheldon on May 1st, 2017

Prague is not only the administrative capital of the Czech Republic but also one of the most magnificent cities on earth. It offers tourists, coming from all corners of the globe, an unparalleled delight through its timeless architecture, rich art galleries and museums, castles, churches, cathedrals and other historical monuments. Along with that the city offers an incredible range of cuisine to satiate one's taste buds.

A popular Indian dish

As such, Prague is one of the hottest tourist spots on this planet. It is also home to some great restaurants that exclusively serve various Indická specialita. One of the hottest items at these food joints is Biriyani. At times, it comes dry and at other times, it comes greasy. But, two things that are uniform, it is yummy and spicy. Yes, we are discussing Biriyani, which is an unbelievably tasty dish of long grained rice with quite large pieces of meat inside. The dish has an aroma of its own, resulting from the Basmati rice an array of exotic spices and a unique cooking style.  Interestingly, the rice grains do not stick together in this particular dish. Once you start eating, there is no other alternative for you other than cleaning off your plate till the very last grain of rice.

Different schools

As far as Indian Biriyani is concerned, there are a number of variants, which subtly differ with each other, both in taste and aroma. Some of the most famous schools of Indian Biriyani include Lucknow biriyani, Calcutta biriyani and Hyderabad biriyani. In Prague, there are different Indian restaurants that serve each of the varieties of the dish. If you are not aware about the existence of these different variants, you will not ask; else, just make a friendly query the next time you drop in at any of these places.

Back track

The word biriyani comes from the Persian word, "beryan", which means fried or roasted. This exotic dish arrived in India from Arabia with the Muslim conquerors and underwent considerable modifications over the years. In case, the dish proves to be too oily and spicy for your stomach, make sure to have it with sour curd and lots of green salad. These accompaniments will decrease the toll on your health resulting from the oil and spices.

Value for money

As far as eating out is concerned, Prague offers a number of options, which include Cuban, Japanese, French, Italian, Mexican and of course Czech apart from Indian restaurants. Yet, the Indian eateries manage get the chunk of the crowd. According to the owner of an Indická restaurace in Praha, entrepreneurs running the Indian restaurants there leave nothing to chances to get business. They hire the best chefs back from India and do not miss out a single opportunity to provide greater value of money to the customers. These places serve good food; maintain a great ambience apart from offering guests with a true taste of India. Thus, foodies keep coming back to these places, bringing their friends along.

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