Which Hotel Booking Sites offer the Best Deals?

Posted by Antonio Arola on May 1st, 2017

Looking for hotels on the internet through the various hotel booking sites can leave you dazed and confused as you trawl through heaps and heaps and heaps of hotel sites. Here you’ll find which hotel booking sites offer the best deals for hotels in livigno.

There are plenty out there, but often people have the impression that Hotels.com and Expedia have the most expensive rates and Hotwire would be the cheapest for a hotels in livigno.

But what was expected was in fact incorrect.

Why are some booking sites cheaper than others?

Let’s first talk about prices and what they are. Hotels certainly have a number of different rates including pre-paid, flexible, corporate, discounted, and more. Rates do go up and down based on demand; they don’t actually fluctuate as much as airline prices.

Hotels actually sell rooms to the booking sites at a discount, and this is why you’ll often see cheaper rates on these sites than the actual hotels. The big booking companies then price in their costs, marketing, and other costs to get to their final price. 

As for the other websites, Expedia and Priceline they were the cheapest in most instances followed by Hotels.com and Hotwire.

The clear loser was Booking.com, but they can still offer great discounts, so it’s still worth checking out, don’t dismiss them.

Rates vary widely by region for all these booking sites and this is also true for hotels in livigno. For example in Rome, Booking.com and Priceline were pretty much the same.

Even though prices can be cheaper on hotel booking sites, you can sometimes miss out on hotel points or status for your stay. So bear this in mind when booking hotel Livigno Italy to see what’s on offer.

Trivago is another great site, but watch out for their over-rated hotel listings. A four star hotel on their site was listed as a two or three star hotel on the site. So use the site, but just watch out for this so that you don’t land up staying in a three star hotel, when you really want a four star hotel.

What about Tingo? Well, they’re pretty cool. Tingo is a website that refunds you if the price of your hotel room falls after you book it. Now that’s an awesome thing, to make sure that you aren’t getting taken when booking a hotels in livigno. Before booking anything check your hotel’s price on this website to see if it is lower or equal to the prices you found on the other search sites. If it is take advantage of the price drop offer.

How to Book a your Hotel

Don’t spend hours searching hotel websites or days trying to track down prices.

Start off with your preferred site and search two or three other websites, and then check the hotel’s website, call too as sometimes the hotel will match the deal.

Try this to book a hotel.

  1. Start off with Priceline, Expedia, or your favourite booking site.
  2. Double check a few more sites just to cover your bases.
  3. Skip the poor sites we’ve mentioned.
  4. Cross check with Tingo.
  5. Book a place.
  6. Go on with your day.

Job done, don’t waste precious time, and go off and enjoy your trip!

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