Few Facts about Indian Foods and Restaurants in the Czech Republic

Posted by Mark Sheldon on May 1st, 2017

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is a picturesque city. It is steadily growing in popularity among travellers all over the world. Hardly a decade or so ago, the city hardly found itself on the global tourist map. But, since then, tide has turned in its favour.

Promising business opportunity

Modern Prague has everything to attract tourists from all corners of the world. In fact, high-end five-star hotel goers to humble backpackers make a beeline throughout the year to visit this picture-perfect city. Thus, food and tourist accommodation have tremendous business opportunity here. In this circumstance, it is pretty easy to come across a masala Indian restaurant in Prague.      

Smartly choose the right place

However, as in any city in the world, as an outsider, one has to know the right places in the capital of the Czech Republic for food and drinks. Otherwise, be prepared to have a big hole in the pocket almost in no time. Travellers, who arrive for the first time, usually explore through the Old Town or Stare Maestro. Its narrow streets, architecture of the bygone era and the chilled milieu have an undeniable attraction for tourists. This part of the city is also notorious for the restaurants that are actually tourist traps.

However, there is an Indian restaurant in Prague old town that offers quality food at reasonable price. Now, finding a particular eatery in a high international tourist activity zone is much like searching a needle in a haystack. Thus, most tourists, whenever they need a grub desperately, make a quick trip to Praha.

Why Indian restaurants in such demand

An increasing number of travellers from the subcontinent, that is from the neighbouring nations Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistan in South-East Asia keep travelling to Prague. This chunk of international tourists shares almost the same food habit. Thus, eateries that serve Indian dishes usually experience a high footfall.  

On the other hand, traditional food in the country is both hearty and affordable. However, the local school of cuisine is thoroughly dependent on meat, vegetables and broth. Thus, it does not cut much ice with the steady volume of inbound international tourists. Indian cuisine - on the other hand - is definitely tastier and has more takers.

Considering this commercial prospect, a number of dedicated entrepreneurs are doing their best to reap the harvest. Interestingly, not every Indian restaurant in Praha or Prague are owned by people of Indian origin. Many of these joints are owned by fellow Bangladeshis. As mentioned earlier, both Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine have the same origin and have much in common. On the other hand, Indian dishes or Indian cuisine are more popular and thus, easier for branding. Thus, many Bangladeshi entrepreneurs run their establishments as Indian restaurants. It cuts the ice for them and they receive a higher footfall as compared to any joint that displays itself as a Bangladeshi restaurant. As a tourist, you will not even feel any difference in eating either of the variety of food joints.

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