Tritium Light Sources Market Forecast and Segments, 2017-2027

Posted by Pradnya Kulkarni on May 2nd, 2017

The Tritium Light Sources market has presented an advanced technology in the field of commercial application as well as military equipment. Due to their stable intensity and long lifespan, the tritium light sources are better suited to low light level applications as compared to electricity or batteries. Being totally fail-safe and maintenance free, tritium light sources require no external power source or exposure to light to work properly. Rifle sights, exit signs, wristwatches and paints are some of the things that use tritium light sources and will lead to rise in demand for tritium light sources market in near future. At present, tritium seems to be a better substitute for radium as it can cause cancer thus expected to account for the largest tritium light sources market share in terms of value over the forecast period.

In order to provide safety to consumers against exposure to radioactive isotope material, i.e. tritium, the manufacturers in tritium light sources market have to follow strict regulations specified by certain government organizations such as, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Code of Federal Regulations (USNRC). These regulations specify the necessary technical specifications for the operation of tritium light sources manufacturing factories and products. Thus, tritium light sources market offers a varied range of products licensed to be used in public buildings, including school.

Tritium Light Sources Market: Drivers and Restraints

The rise in demand for tritium light sources to be used in exit signs as well as mandatory, warning and regulatory signs used on the roadways is expected to be dynamic due to properties like resistance to oil, water or any corrosive materials. Tritium also does not release any hazardous materials into the environment. Hence, increasing rate of infrastructure will drive the tritium light sources market.

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The demand for tritium light sources is also being driven up by their increased demand from the electronic gadgets sector which does not require any electrical power for surface screen visibility in any kind of lighting condition and atmosphere. Due to increased application in civil, industrial and military sectors, it is expected that the tritium light sources market will establish its dominance in these fields globally.

However, the higher cost of production in comparison to other available alternatives in the market is one of the factors that will impede the tritium lights sources market. However, this particular hindrance can be overcome by making people aware of the long term benefits of tritium light sources products and by introducing more eco-friendly products.

Tritium Light Sources Market: Segmentation

The tritium light sources market can be segmented on the basis of colours available:

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Orange

  • White

Among these colours, green is 40% brighter than orange and 60% brighter than blue.

On the basis of application, the tritium light sources market can be segmented into:

  • Transport

    • Helicopter rotor-tip markers

    • Directional markers

    • Exit directional fire safety signage

    • In-flight refueling markers

  • Defense and instrumentation

    • Tactical Watches

    • Torch

    • Kit Markers

    • Map Readers

    • Beta Markets

    • Glow Pads

    • SUSAT sight

    • Standard-issue compasses.

  • Other

    • Gaseous Tritium Light Sources/ Devices (GTLS/ GTLD)

    • gun sights (firearms and semi-automatic handguns)

    • Navigation Aid: (night navigation, map or compass reading reference point for night marches on a compass bearing)

    • Light switch markers (stairways, medical cabinets)

    • Air ambulance deployed medical hardware

    • markers for waypoint and hazard locations

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Tritium Light Sources Market: Region wise Outlook

The tritium light sources market is broadly classified into seven key provinces -- Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle-East & Africa (MEA) and Japan. Due to easy availability of tritium light sources, it is expected that the tritium light sources market would hold a firm position across European Union, Asia and Russia.

The U.S. as well as Canada seems to tend to keep these devices off the casual consumers reach as they fear handling radioactive isotope tritium enclosed in a glass vessels may be too much for the householders. However, tritium light sources are available for industrial and commercial applications and thus, the tritium light source market is expected to grow in these regions as well.

Tritium Light Sources Market: Key Players

Some of the renowned players in tritium light sources market are listed below:


  • MB Microtec AG

  • SRB Technologies


  • Sanyue Lighting Electrical Factory

  • trigalights

  • Shield Source Incorporated

  • Cammenga Company LLC



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