All you need to know about Fire Safety

Posted by ansondavid on May 2nd, 2017

One of the most essential safety equipment’s that is required for preventing and dealing with fires are Fire Extinguishers. Having safety equipment in your home or office is essential in case of fire or just for precaution.

Staying safe is better than being sorry later. If you take care for fire prevention using the best materials, you can protect your life and property.

Fire Safety Equipment:

Some of the main essentials for fire prevention and safety equipment are:

Detect equipment includes smoke alarms, alarm panels, heat detectors, manual call points, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Extinguisher signs that have warnings and instructions. You will need general extinguisher signs and door signs to exit.

First-aid kits and burn kits

Alarm installation equipment

Sprinklers, automatic door release systems, wet and dry risers and other similar equipment

Several types of extinguishers including home fires, chemical, power and foam extinguishers, etc.

Fire extinguisher covers, buckets, blankets, extinguisher stands, etc.

Different types of Fires:

All types of fires are not same. The type of fire depends on the type of fuels that have generated it. Therefore, different fire extinguisher agents are required to put off different types of fires.

• Fire involving organic solids such as wood and paper.

• Caused by flammable liquids

• Caused by flammable gasses

• Caused by metals

• Caused by electricity

Therefore fire extinguishers are manufactured for different type of fires. The extinguishers are color coded to specify which kind of fire they deal with. Water fire extinguishers are red in color. The other extinguishers are usually red with a circle or band that indicate the contents. Some other contents may be wet chemical, dry powder, foam, etc. all of these are meant for different types of fires. The extinguisher that you buy must be manufactured based on the locally approved standards.

Prevention of Fire:

The first step of safety is to minimize the risk of break out of the fire. Banning of smoking, testing electrical appliances, removing combustible materials are the essential steps that one must take to save life and property from fire. Keeping the fire equipment handy at home and office is very essential. Organizations should conduct fire drills regularly in industries and organizations. Directions for evacuation should be provided and marked clearly with signs. Ensure that fire extinguisher inspection nyc and maintenance is done on a regular basis. While your strategy must be to prevent fire in case it occurs, there should be early warning and fire detecting systems that can alert everyone about the emergency situation. This will facilitate safe evacuation of people from the premises. Installing the right equipment such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. are very necessary. Fire safety education should be provided to adults, children and families. In order to use a fire extinguisher, one must first read and educate themselves with instructions.

There are various online stores that sell excellent firefighting and prevention equipment. Thus, one can buy fire extinguishers and other supplies such as Fire Extinguisher Cabinets New York online. These online stores have excellent customer service and also provide huge discounts when you buy in bulk. So use the right equipment, have the right knowledge, stay alert and prevent fires.

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