Why is it important to brush teeth daily?

Posted by Divya Raut on May 2nd, 2017

When you pose for a picture with your group and everyone says “cheese. Smile!” you open your mouth to smile. The healthier the teeth , the better you can look.  It is because your teeth are important in many ways. If you take care of your teeth they will help you take care of yourself.  Strong healthy teeth help you chew properly which adds to the proper nourishment of your body and health.  Good and shining teeth help you speak properly and also make you look happy.  Taking proper care of your teeth will help you prevent the plaque which is a layer of bacteria that gets stuck on your teeth every time you eat. Dentists in Pune say that after you eat the bacteria act like ants on your teeth.  The bacteria breaks the sugars into acids which eats away the tooth enamel  causing holes over the surface of the teeth which is called cavities.

Dentists in Pune say that plaque is a major reason for the reddening of gums, swollen and sore gums.  Gums are soft tissues in the mouth that hold your teeth in  the place. If you don’t take proper care of your teeth your gums become sore and you have difficulty in chewing and it might be a reason for bad breathe too. We have always overlooked the importance of brushing.  Most of us really don’t pay attention while brushing teeth.  Brushing teeth properly doesn’t involve any rocket science make sure you brush your teeth with maximum effort. It is important to brush your teeth daily to help you prevent tooth decay. Minor dental carries can take a bad turn and affect your health also burn a hole in your pocket.  Also another important reason to brush your teeth is that it keeps you away from  gum diseases.  You don’t need to chew tobacco for getting gum diseases, you will get gum diseases if you don’t brush properly or don’t brush enough. As it might lead to the sugar attacks in your mouth which not only affect your teeth but also affect your gums.

 Dentists in Pune stated that one of the major reasons to brush teeth regularly and often is because you don’t want a bad breathe. Let’s be real who wants a bad breathe while he or she talks? Or be around with someone who has a bad breathe. Bad breathe reduces your confidence level considerably.  As it is vile and disgusting it can be fixed too with proper care.  Brushing twice daily will help you keep the stink causing bacteria away from your mouth.  Also brushing your teeth help you keep of plaque which can further create complications. Not only tooth decay and cavities but also can cause irritation in gums. Dentists in Pune say that a health mouth is a key to healthy life. By brushing your teeth you can keep away systematic diseases like heart diseases, stroke.

So it necessary to brush your teeth. Depends on whether you brush it twice or thrice. Make sure you have brushed your teeth, you have healthy gums and a happening breathe.

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