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Posted by Cindy Malson on May 2nd, 2017

Entering free art contests is fun and can often challenge an artist to try new things. When looking for an art contest you have many thing to consider such as the form of art, entry fee, and prize.

Art communities are becoming a favorite destination for artists looking for feedback for their art as well as entering free art contests. The reason is they work like social networks in that artists with similar interest join the communities to share their art, often sell their art, and enter art contests. By becoming a member all these features are normally provided free of charge. So it's like buying a condo with the utilities paid for, pool cared for and furniture.

This is generally recommended over hunting for individual art contests on the internet. First, if you are looking for a contest specific to your art type, that can be tough. There are so many 

from drawings to sculpture to digital art. Second, the hunt can lead to the .. well dark web - and we don't want to go there. Right?

No, the safe choice is to find a contest that is out in the open and clear. Generally art communities form committees that take care of the art contests. They normally create the contests which involves choosing the topic and art type. And they also often provide the judging. Alternately the judging can be from voting from the generall community as a whole.

Community art contests offer a great way not just to enter contests but to meet other artists. Instead of emailing your image and waiting for a response you are sharing your art with the community and the buyers as well. Your art will be seen by other artists as well as art lovers. It's a terrific way of becoming involved with the art community while also having a chance at the prize offered by the art contest.

With this in mind when you join create a profile that showcases your skill and is professional. Take care when you post your image that it is a high quality image. Most artists use the phone on their camera to share the image. And that's okay but make sure the lighting is good and your artwork is seen in the best possible way.

You should include a profile picture as well as background information. It is important that when you join an art community that you participate. Share your art but also take time to look at and provide feedback for others work. This is an important way to be a part of the community that is hosting the art contests. Art contests are won by sharing excellent art. But your enjoyment in the art community should be equally as important.

At the end of the day winning art contests is great. But what is more important is developing your skills and in the end making sales with your art. This all comes with practice and focus on your career as an artist.

Cindy Malson

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