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Posted by sexologistpk on May 2nd, 2017

Male infertility is a complex process. Reproduction is a simple process for many couples, but it creates problem when the male partner is suffering from infertility problem. This all relies on the quality and quantity of the sperm. If this is of poor quality and low in quantity it becomes difficult for the partner to cause a pregnancy. Sex Doctor in Delhicarries out a proper health examination and suggests the best solution to help men get rid of such problem.

Symptoms of male infertility –

  • Problems with sexual functioning
  • Pain and swelling in the testicle area
  • Recurrent respiratory infections
  • Inability to smell
  • Abnormal breast growth
  • Decreased facial or body hair
  • Hormonal abnormality
  • Having lower than normal sperm count

Causes of male infertility –

  • Sperm production problems
  • Blockage of sperm transport
  • Sexual problems
  • Hormonal problems
  • Sperm antibodies

How it is diagnosed?

It is assessed by thorough physical examination. Semen analysis is done to determine the sperm count. Blood test is done to check any infections or hormonal problems. Physical examination of penis, scrotum and prostate is done. Some men find it more comfortable to do semen analysis test at their home. For this home testing kits are also available.

How it is treated?

Certain medications are used to help increase the sperm count. Another way is to take antibiotics to heal any infection that is causing problem. Taking medicines to maintain hormonal balance also proves beneficial. It can also be treated by using clinically proven supplements. Artificial insemination is another option to achieve good sperm count. In vitro fertilization is also used to overcome male infertility factors. In this procedure the sperm and egg are fertilized in lab and then it is placed in the female’s uterus.

Tips to prevent it –

Nothing can be done to prevent infertility that is caused by genetic reasons. However by following these simple ways can reduce the possibility of the problem –

  • Avoiding sexually transmitted disease
  • Avoiding intake of drugs
  • Avoiding exposure to toxic substances
  • Stop frequent and heavy use of alcohol
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene and health practices
  • Avoid exposure to radiations
  • Don’t overheat the testicles

Stress can also interfere with the ability to cause pregnancy.  Try not to suffer from prolonged stress problem as this will affect your health and will indirectly causes problem with your partner. Visit sex doctor in Delhito gain better understanding about the problem and take the best treatment to enjoy a healthier life.

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