Calgary Commercial and Residential Roofing Installation Glossary

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Roofing System Components

United Roofing Inc. offers a variety of products and materials for your re-roofing project. From commercial roofing needs to residential roofing requirements, you may hear a lot of industry specific lingo tossed around by some roofing contractors. We are taking some of the mystery out of the terms for you with our handy glossary of terms.

Plywood/OSB: 3/8 thickness is the decking material most commonly used in Alberta. It is important to repair any damaged or deteriorated wood prior to the new roof installation.

Drip Edge: Referring to the ARCA (Alberta Roofing Contractor Association) guideline, the drip edge should be the first thing installed on a new roof application. The purpose of this flashing is to protect the edge of the plywood along the eaves and to create a proper water flow into the gutter line.

Peel and Stick/UDL Membrane: Following the drip edge installation, an SBS membrane should be installed on all eaves and valleys. Depending upon the roof slope, United Roofing Inc. will recommend using a 36” or 44” wide membrane. This type of membrane can also be installed around roof protrusions or flashing if needed.

Underlayment: This part of the roofing system is crucial to system integrity. We only use top of the line underlayment that lays flat on the roof deck to allow a proper installation. In the event of blow off this underlayment will be your temporary leak barrier and prevent any water getting inside to affect your home.

Valley Flashing: This flashing is installed along the intersection of 2 roof slopes and sealed into the roofing system.

Step Flashing: Step flashing is installed along the wall/roof connection. It creates a waterproof seal along the junction. In some re-roof cases, this flashing has to be re-done and will require an additional counter flashing.

Roofing Material: Once your entire deck is waterproofed, it is time to apply roofing material. Depending on the roofing system you choose, the underlayment may change to match the warranty product. Each product has a different installation procedure. All of our crew members are trained to meet or exceed these high standards.

Plumbing Stack: A plumbing stack is basically a rubber boot that will fit and seal around the plumbing vent.

Gooseneck: This term refers to any duct pipe that requires roof ventilation, such as a bathroom vent, hood fan, microwave fan, etc. It basically allows your element to function properly and keep your roof waterproof.

Skylight: Skylights can be custom made in different sizes. A flashing kit is required around each skylight.

Vent: There are many types of ventilation systems and it is crucial to every type of roof to choose the right system. The most common are the Box vent, Maximum vent and Ridge vent. Our installer and estimator are trained to determine the adequate venting system for your project and are available to explain the different types.

Low Slope Application: The experienced technicians at United Roofing are fully trained in the special needs of low slope roofing applications.

Terms Specific to commercial roofing Calgary:

SBS: Modified bitumen asphalt roofing systems are the most common type of Calgary Roofers. This product permits application in temperatures as low as -15 degrees, which allows our flat roofers to perform roofing projects year round without compromising on quality. Commonly called a 2-ply torch on, this system is made with a base layer that can be mopped down, torched or mechanically attached and a top layer that is fully torched. Compared to tar and gravel, the top layer is always visible in order to allow easy maintenance and inspection.

BUR (Built up Roofing): These days United Roofing Inc. mainly performs maintenance work on tar and gravel. BUR is labour intensive and commonly more expensive than any other type of new roofing system. Our technicians are fully trained and capable of performing any type of maintenance or repair work on built up roofing in Calgary and Edmonton. Flat roof repair is very important if you want to maintain the integrity of a building.

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