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Posted by James Wilson on May 3rd, 2017

Businessmen require loans for various reasons such as expansion, purchase assets, machineries, etc. Whenever businessmen plan for expansion, then liquid cash is required. They require mainly two types of loans namely short-term and long-term loans. Businessmen should preferably buy loans from institutions that are engaged in funding loans rather than buying loans from banks.

Reasons for buying loans from funding institutions

1. Loans can arrange quickly and also the loan buyer can easily get accessed to loans.

2. The paperwork burden is minimal.

3. Business plans are not necessary and the lender does not charge transparent costs or fees.

4. Even if the borrower has borrowed loans from other sources, loan can be attained easily.

Following are the types of online business loans available:

Working capital: If a businessman requires loan for short term or to finance the daily transactions of day today life, then working capital is required. Some expenses should be paid regularly for every month or two months. So, the funding organizations provide working capital.

Different types of business loans are available and hence the borrower should compare business loans to acquire the right type of loan.

Unsecured short term business loan:The buyer need not give any collateral security for attaining loan and hence it is known as unsecured loan and it is used for short-term use for expansion, purchasing assets, or to pay someone once. It is a quick business loan that can be attained easily.

Bridging loans

People who have applied for other types of loans earlier should pay the outstanding amount before the due date. So, they buy short-term loans to pay to the creditor. They are usually provided for property-related matters.

Invoice finance loans

These loans are provided to the borrowers to pay the outstanding amount of the invoice to the respective creditors. The two sources of such loans are factoring and invoice discounting loans.

Merchant cash advance

This loan is usually extended to the merchants who own a hotel or a restaurant. They can raise loans for the business for various reasons such as expansion, refurbishing, marketing, buying stocks, or equipments for the business etc. The terms and conditions of such loans are flexible and repayment is made according to the volume of sales of the business. This type of loan can be purchased without providing a collateral security.

Secured business loan

The secured business loan can be obtained by paying a collateral security to the lender. The rate of interest is usually lower.

Asset finance

Such loans are provided to the borrower to buy equipments, machineries or furniture for the business. So, the borrower pays some amount regularly to the creditor to use the asset. The borrower can avail some tax benefit by borrowing such loan.

The other types of loan products available are point of sale finance, debt consolidation or any funds to start new business. 

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