5 Reasons Why MacBook Air Computers Are Better Than Windows PCs

Posted by Charley Bnag on May 3rd, 2017

MacBook air computers are reasonably pricier than windows PCs but give better performance and usability in terms of user-friendly applications with better quality components. However, there are numerous factors which designates that MacBook air computers are better than Windows PCs.

Better Hardware & Software

Apple MacBook air computers are built with better quality hardware materials to maintain the durability and resistance of device.  Apple never does compromise with the quality of materials, as its expensive components assembled with high quality tools to makes a complete device with a rich look across the panel. The software applications of Apple are also far better than windows based PCs. In case of technical faults Apple Tech Support team also easily repair hardware related issues. 

Long-lasting Performance

Better quality materials and software programs make it a long lasting computer device. PCs not work for longer time period compare to Mac, as it is assembled with different company’s components and all of not use the same standard quality materials. Whereas, Mac’s all components are superior quality materials or assemble the same quality materials to maintain the durability for long-lasting performance. The life of MacBook air computers are more than windows based PCs that’s gives another reason to make it better. 

More Secured and Protected Device

Mac computers are more secured to use without any third party antivirus or internet security programs. Cyber attackers intend to outbreak the Mac computer need to put lots of extra efforts while windows computers are more vulnerable to infuse the spyware or virus to infect the system. Mac owners get preloaded security software that provides a secured computing device to its customers. However, in case of virus attack or other cyber threats users can hire MacBook Air Tech Supportto resolve the issue immediately.

Mac Computer Runs Faster than PCs

The processers and RAMs of all the Mac computers are higher than PCs, which makes it to run smoothly at better speed and performance. The booting time of Mac computer is faster than windows PCs which helps to save the time of customers who on occasion try to start their PC in urgency and wait for the booting process. Apple use more than sufficient RAM and processers to help its Mac machines operate at faster speed. However, users can enhance the RAM of their windows PC to improve the speed.       

Apple Store with Customer Support 

Apple’s app store is preinstalled with every apple device to find easily and install desired applications into their Mac device. Though, windows also has its own app store but the list and categories of apple store are very high which provide a wide options for the users to browse and choose their favorite apps for their computer system. And to solve the various issues related with downloading or installation of apps from the store, it also provides 24-hour online MacBook Air Support Phone Number 1-877-910-4205 with instant solution for every need. 

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