Indexable Tool Inserts Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2027

Posted by Shashii Pawar on May 3rd, 2017

Manufacturing tools, which have cutting edges that are not a part of the actual tool, and can be removed, indexed and reused for the metal cutting process are known as indexable tools. The separate inserts that are attached to the tool body are manufactured in various sizes, shapes and designs and they are known as indexable tool inserts. Indexable inserts are important in manufacturing and metal cutting industries. They are used widely by manufacturing industries in machine shops, for the manufacturing of several end use components. Indexable tools are also called tipped tools, owing to their design. The most common installation of indexable tool inserts are on milling cutters, end mills, boring bars, chamfer tools, tool bits, etc. The use of indexable tool inserts on manufacturing tools increases their life considerably, and the metal finish after the machining of the product is ideal and of superior quality, as compared to that of conventional tools. Indexable tool inserts are basically removable cutting tips – meaning, they are not welded or brazed to the tool body. They are indexable – meaning, they can be rotated or flipped without changing or disturbing the overall geometry of the machine tool (tool length, offset, diameter, etc.). Using these tools saves a lot of time and optimizes the manufacturing process. Moreover, by using fresh inserts, there is no need for regrinding of tools, changes in setup, or changes in tool height values in CNC machines.

Indexable Tool Inserts Market: Dynamics

The development of new materials for ultimate metal removing inserts, which are light weight and have a long life, will play a significant role in the indexable tool inserts market in the near future. Additionally, new approaches and technologies towards the manufacturing of upright and reliable indexable tool inserts, which can be mounted with perfection on any machine and manufacturing tool are expected to be prominent drivers for the global indexable tool inserts market growth. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing ease the process as well as enhance the quality of products. This, along with the production of indexable inserts in various complex shapes & designs, and different sizes are noteworthy achievements that are expected bolster market growth over the forecast period. Also, the market for indexable tool inserts has witnessed rapid growth due to development in the manufacturing sector in all end use industries globally. Furthermore, growth in the production and manufacturing of various end use components, which have high surface finish and good quality by the metal removing process will propel growth of the global indexable inserts market in near future.

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Indexable Tool Inserts Market: Segmentation

The indexable tool inserts market can be segmented by type of insert grades, application, and end use.

  • By insert grades, the indexable tool inserts market can be segmented as:

    • Cemented (Tungsten) Carbides

    • Cermets

    • Ceramics

    • cBN/PcBN

    • Diamond Tools

  • By application, the indexable tool inserts market can be segmented as:

    • Turning

    • Milling

    • Boring, Plunging, Contouring

    • Profiling

    • Threading

    • Drilling

    • Tapping

    • Micromachining

    • Specialty Applications

    • Roughing

    • Finishing

  • By end use, the indexable tool inserts market can be segmented as:

    • Automotive

    • Chemical Processing

    • Construction

    • Defense & Aerospace

    • Electronic

    • General Machining

    • Medical/Research

    • Oil & Gas

    • Paper & Pulp Industry

    • Power Generation

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Indexable Tool Inserts Market: Regional Outlook

The market for indexable tool inserts is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. North America and Europe have a high standards of living with luxurious lifestyles, and high disposable incomes, and thus can afford using super finished products machined by such indexable tool inserts. This has led to growth of the indexable tool inserts market in the aforementioned regions. Additionally, manufacturing industries in all developed regions have been doing well in the recent decade, and research and development to produce parts and components that are manufactured in less time and effort will be a prominent driver for the indexable tool inserts market in these region over the forecast period. Developing nations in the APEJ region, particularly India and China, will play a vital role in the growth of the indexable tool inserts market in the near future.

Indexable Tool Inserts Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global indexable tool inserts market, identified across the value chain include:

  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.

  • Meusburger Georg Gmbh & Co Kg

  • Toolmex Industrial Solutions

  • Kennametal

  • Sandvik Coromant

  • Kyocera Precision Tools, Inc.

  • Sterling Edge

  • Taegutec Ltd.

  • Tungaloy Corporation

  • Iscar Ltd.

  • Vardex

  • Korloy Inc.

  • Yg-1 Co., Ltd

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