Get Your Old Iron Equipment Cleaned with Mobile Sandblasting Services in Alberta

Posted by abellathomas6 on May 4th, 2017

In the construction industry and the industries where heavy machinery is required, sandblasting is used for different reasons. It is used to prepare a surface for painting or to clean a surface by removing caked dirt or debris from it. Sandblasting process uses a stream of sand propelled by water or compressed air and applied on a surface to do the required job. It creates a powerful abrasive force that can hit any surface needed to be worked upon by using the air-propelled material. Apart from sand, alternative sandblast materials like iron globules, emery, copper slag, steel grit and powdered quartz can also be used depending on the requirement of the work. Mostly, sandblasting is used to remove the rust from cast irons and make it ready for a new coat of paint. Some other uses of sandblasting are manufacturing of concrete during the construction process, decorative etching, graffiti or paint removal and the removal of oil, grease and oxides from metal surfaces.  

Sandblasting is carried out by a special machine that is comprised of three parts namely the abrasive or the sandblasting tank, the blaster nozzle and the air compressor. In addition to this, the sand or other abrasive particles used to sandblast should be fine, debris-free and as uniformly shaped as possible. Sandblasting tank is filled with these abrasive materials and pressurized so that the mixture of the material with air is passed through the hose of the sandblaster and through the nozzle as well. Air compressor provides the right air pressure to the sandblasting tank to carry out its job. With this kind of pressure, the sand is sprayed upon a surface at high speeds to get the desired effect on it. Sandblasting tanks should always be kept in motion otherwise, they can create a hole through the surface with highly speeding sand coming out from them.  

As sandblasting is a hazardous job due to the involvement of toxic materials, only professionals are required to carry it out. They perform it by taking adequate safety measures such as wearing respirator mask and safety glasses during the operation. Now, many companies are providing mobile sandblasting services that can be performed in any part where it is needed by using the latest equipment.  

If you are looking for mobile sandblasting services in Alberta, you can get in touch with the companies providing them. Most of them are contactable through their websites where you can learn more about sandblasting tanks in Alberta.

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