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Posted by Angelsmith on May 4th, 2017

Do you need an Xbox repair for your defective console? Red Ring of Death, 3 lights, defective disc, problems connecting to TV, DVD problem, disc reading problem, defective disc tray, no power, photo problem, sound problem, port problem, disc scratch, overheating, wi-fi failure, battery blinking button not responding, hanging, excessive dust/dirt on screen, memory stick duo attached, incorrect power switch, UMD reading problem and UMD tray error.

The most common problem with the Xbox 360 is freezing in the middle game. This is usually a sign of overheating. Before attempting to change the hardware, make sure that your Xbox repair is in a ventilated area and that the ventilation outlets are not blocked. Turn off the device and wait for it to cool down and then try to play it back normally.

If the problem persists, try to dust the heat sinks and circuit board. If none of these works, the solder connections on the Motherboard can suffer serious damage without excessive and repeated overheating in Xbox 360. In this case, the motherboard is damaged and if it cannot be repaired, then you need to replace it.

If your disc drive mount is installed and not turned on or off, you must eject the drive manually. Follow these instructions to remove the disc and the drive from Xbox 360 game console. Remove the stickers and reinsert the console. If the eject button is still not working, your disc drive may need to be replaced.

An overly scratched disc cannot be read on the Xbox 360 game console. Place a clean, unscratched disc in the drive. If your Xbox 360 drive plays smoothly, scratched discs are a problem. If the problem is not caused by a scratched disc, the optical drive may have dust that prevents disc reading in the lens. Remove the optical drive from the console and clean it thoroughly.

If your Xbox 360 does not record your in-game data, your hard drive is probably full or damaged. Make sure the hard disk drive is connected properly and you have enough space to save it, and then try recording again. If this does not work, you may need to replace the hard drive or consult one of the Xbox repair technicians for fixing issues with your game console.

After we receive the defective Xbox Game Console, our technicians, do a diagnosis to identify issues and fix it upon your approval. Then, you can decide whether you want to have your Xbox repair done. If you decide to continue repairing with us, you may be benefitted with 12-month warranty on all repair and replacement parts.

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