Comprehensive Role Played by Education NGOs in Bangalore

Posted by Akshara Foundation on May 5th, 2017

The importance of education can be determined with just a comparison between the rural and urban development. People living in the urban cities are independent and smart enough to make important moves in the direction of economical and overall human development. Possibilities of success always increase through one’s learning capabilities which are often gained through mainstream education. It is considered to be both the end as well as means towards the better living. Education NGOs in Bangalore are working towards promoting many programs to make people aware of the role of education in their overall development. Even after so many years of independence, India is still struggling with the low education ratio, especially in the rural areas. And because of the low literacy ratio, India is facing major concerns like poverty and backwardness. More than 60% of the total population still lives in rural areas, which is the major cause of lack of education, because of either of two main reasons:

  • Parents are not aware with the role of education in their lives and thus, keeps their child out of the reach of school
  • Even if parents sent their child to the school, there is no proper administration to manage the activities at the school such as very poor student-teacher ratio, improper sanitation, no hygiene, illiterate staff, improper infrastructure, combined classes, inconvenient, poor or no facilities, and the list goes on.

Further, if we look at the girl child literacyratio, the status is even worse because of mentality of orthodox people that the girl have to indulge herself in the household activities, so there is no need to provide education to their daughters. Akshara Foundation organize their promotional campaigns, especially in the rural areas, to make people aware of the gender equality and equal rights of girl education.

Education NGOs in Bangalore also do further activities to spread education to every individual. Such as:

  • Most families cannot afford the high cost of schooling and thus, don’t send their children to the school. In such cases the members of the NGO financial support the family and take the responsibility to provide education at their own expenses.
  • Children who don’t have access to the school because there is no nearby school in their area. In such cases, the members reach out to the children and provide education at their home.
  • Most girl child doesn’t attend the school because of the improper sanitation facilities at the school. The NGOs take responsibility and provide sanitation care to the school such as sanitary pads and dustbins.
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