Things You Need to Know Before Having Obesity Surgery in Delhi

Posted by drmohitjain on May 5th, 2017

People often think that weight loss surgery is a quick fix method to lose weight for lazy person. But if we think of the reality it is totally different. Obesity is like a disease such as high BP, stones, diabetes etc. It is not the fault of a person completely. Our body weight is controlled by hormones. When we do exercise and dieting only small count of weight is reduced. When the weight gain is enormous it starts creating different kinds of difficulties in our daily routine. This is the time when it becomes extremely necessary to go for obesity surgery in Delhi. Every person who is overweight does not qualify for having this type of surgery. Certain things that one should know about this surgery -

  • It is mainly shrinking of the stomach - This surgery in basic terms reduces the size of the stomach. This reduction lowers the amount of food intake. It also results in metabolic changes and hormonal shifts that reduce the appetite.
  • Not everyone has the need of undergoing obesity surgery - When lifestyle changes like diet and exercise fails to work, this surgery is good option for those kinds of people. Body mass index is measured in order to decide that if this is the perfect option.
  • It comes in several flavors - Different kinds of surgeries are carried out depending upon the weight and condition of patient. The doctor decides what kind of treatment will be the best based on the diagnosis done.
  • The procedure depends on the weight of the person - Sleeve gastrectomy is usually advised to people who have BMI between 35 and 40. Gastric bypass on other hand is done when the person is severely obese.
  • The surgery is minimal invasive - It involves general anesthesia using laparoscopic methods that involves minimum incisions. It results in speedy recovery and patient can get back to normal routine in a week.
  • Procedures are low risk - This is one of the safest surgical procedures. This surgery result in substantial weight loss which results in improving other medical conditions also that was related to overweight.
  • Surgery is just a start - Successful obesity surgery requires lifelong diet changes. Sticking to the restricted tight in the first weeks of the surgery is very necessary.

Obesity surgery in Delhi results in significant weight loss. The overall success of the surgery depends on the patient and what he does after recovery. It is a major life change & is the responsibility of the person to contribute in the success of procedure.

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