Buy Polybrite Lighted Collar Covers And a Cordless Clipper Kit As Two New Presen

Posted by Barry allen on May 5th, 2017

Buying presents for your pooch should be practical and useful. Instead of accessories that they are seldom going to appreciate, it is better to invest in grooming tools or accessories that can help you find your dog in case he or she goes missing. In other words, presents for your dogs should be helpful in several ways. To begin with, here is an elaborate description of the two most useful options for you to try.

Buy Polybrite lighted collar covers to keep you furry friend safe. When you take your dog out for walks at night, there are chances that you may lose track of them if they are not on the leash. In fact, dog parents who do not like the idea of a leash need lighted collar covers even more. That is because of the visibility that they offer.

The collar covers that are manufactured by Polybrite can be secured very easily because of the velcro fasteners. They run on a replaceable lithium watch battery that lasts for up to 200 hours in the flashing mode. The covers come with a three function switch that can be used to jump between modes.

If you are worried about care and maintenance for these collar covers then you should know that they are weather resistant, shock proof and also, spark proof.

Buy Laube Litening 804 cordless clipper which is another great gifting idea for your dog that would make grooming your fur-buddy a piece of cake. Laube Litening’s cordless clipper fits all snap-on style blades and runs on lithium ion batteries. Light in weight and easy to operate, it can be recharged when needed and can also be converted into a corded piece if you want.

The clipper kit includes the charger and a conventional blade. It also comes with an extra lever, a grease pillow, an instruction manual and 2 speed Litening handpiece.

The best part about the clipper set is that it provides ultra qiuet clips and you get a 5 year warranty with it. Grooming your dog gets easier and leads to smoother results when you start using the kit the way it is recommended in the manual. If you feel that you may need any additional accessories for the future, you can do that too but make sure that those add-on accessories are purchased from the same brand so as to minimize the possibility of any problems in general.

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