I've never had any financial of MUT 18 Coins

Posted by Wen on May 6th, 2017

I've never had any financial support from them, marketing support, stuff like that. I guess it's justifiable because the numbers aren't great, but it's sort of unfortunate. In general, just more support. Just sell the hardware. What about Microsoft?TT: Microsoft. They've done a lot better job with... I don't know if they did a better job with MUT 18 Coins the 360 or not. Maybe it was just the fact that the PS3 wasn't nearly sold out. It's good hardware, really.

I think it's better, to be honest with you. I think they've done some things right like bringing a lot of local content to the console. But also, I think they've under-advertised the Live part of it. Yeah, I remember last year, they were trying to advertise Live at the Tokyo Game show, and they were giving out points. I think they were giving out a free card for 200 Xbox Live Points. 200 Points is... You can't buy anything with it. It's like nothing.

That's great. You can buy a theme. laughs They should have handed out like one month Xbox Gold. Yeah, I don't know what they're doing. I'm going to get in trouble saying this, but I think there's too much control from Seattle. They tried with the Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and stuff. I guess probably what they should be doing is helping support more third parties. TT: Yeah. But they're doing that now. I think Blue

Dragon and Lost Odyssey were important. I believe they were supposed to be launch titles, but it was important to have big local Madden Coins content at launch. Obviously, RPGs are the biggest genre here still. But now, Namco Bandai and Square Enix are bringing good titles.  They've done well. Can you give kind of a Ballscoins recap of the state of the market?TT: I think in general, the Japanese market is tough.

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