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The beauty of a piece of land doesn’t depend on the area it is located in, but on how it is designed. Landscaping has become increasingly popular transforming uninhabitable regions to beautiful areas of residence.

Being an expert stone supplier NH, Back Bay Stone, created in 2004, is known for providing high quality stone at prices lower than the market price. You can have a look at our portfolio to see the different types of results you can produce with the right quality stone.

There are any forms of landscaping, and it can be confusing to decide what to do and what type of stone you require. Don’t fret; you have reached the right place!

Activities That Are Included in Landscaping

Modifying living elements, such as the flora and fauna - gardening

Changing the structure of the land – the terrain shape, elevation, creating bodies of water, etc.

Modifying abstract elements, for example, the lighting, weather conditions, creating man-made structures, etc.

Landscaping Procedure

The contractor makes the rough shape of the desired layout. Different tools like bulldozers, lawnmowers, chain saws are used to either remove the earth or fill the land. Once it is filled, either stone is set in or young saplings are planted along the design.

Things To Consider Before Landscaping

Understanding the natural features is a major factor that determines the amount of landscaping required. These features include terrain, topography, flora and fauna, winds, soil quality, depth of the frost line, etc. If the land is considered unfit for landscaping it is reshaped.

For example, if the soil around the site is weak, then a multi-storey building should not be constructed without a strong foundation. The construction company would dig up thrice the size of the building and would dump good soil and only then construct the iron pillars on which the building would stand. This procedure is called landfilling.

Though this procedure is not common in already inhabited areas, landfilling on a small scale is often used to plant exotic flora.

A design company often has its own constructers. They would inspect your site and give you a catalogue from which you will be asked to choose the stone and design. Alternatively, you can supply them with your own choice of stone. Because stones last forever, it is crucial that you make the right choice. The type of stone can make your house look vintage or modern.

We provide the best landscaping stone in NH. We have stone pavers as well as stone that can be used in the construction of your house. We also provide bluestone, fieldstone and large stone slabs that can be used for flooring. We provide more varieties of a higher grade stone with lower prices as compared to our competitors like Swenson Granite NH and Dirt Doctors.

Come stop by or give us a call and you will realize why we are known for our natural rock!

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