Benefits Of Structured Cabling And How To Do It In The Right Way

Posted by Harry Shay on May 8th, 2017

Structured cabling is the telecommunication infrastructure in a building which is made out of several smaller elements that make it more flexible and accessible. According to Fibre Optics Association, it is defined as “Structured Cabling is the standardized architecture and components for communications cabling specified by the EIA/TIA TR42 committee and used as a voluntary standard by manufacturers to insure interoperability.”

There are several benefits of having an immaculately planned telecommunication infrastructure in a structured way.

  • It facilitates the flexibility to accommodate changes, additions and other modifications in the network at a later stage.

  • Makes upgrades, updates and expansion of the system in future feasible. This means, it is easier to shift to new technology and equipment without changing the entire system.

  • There is no need to shut down the entire network for the purpose of maintenance or repair work. And the job gets done in an easier and efficient way.

  • Provides consistency of design and installation procedure.

  • Uniform documentation.

    If your business is expanding or planning to shift to a more modern and state of the art IT infrastructure, then opting for structured cabling is the best way to move forward. Here are a few points you can keep in mind to choose the right option from structured cabling companies in London.

    Find An Experienced Cabling Contractor

    Inexperienced professionals or companies with no idea to handle projects like yours can seriously trivialize the IT security of your organization. Look for a vendor who possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of the structured cabling procedures and who is able to answer all your questions related to the job in a satisfactory way.


    One thing any business owner is most concerned is about the ‘downtime’ during the upgrade of the entire cabling infrastructure. Hence, it is extremely important to discuss the time period required to complete the entire job. Discuss it with different vendors to find out the most efficient one and make sure that the vendor adheres to the timeline. Because in today’s time, network down is equivalent to business down.

    Quality Of Cables

    The network infra is going to be the backbone of your business operations. Make sure the cables being installed are of high-quality, preferably Cat5e, Cat6, or Fiber optic cables. Best is to discuss the type and quality of cables in advance as per the need of your business.

    Ask For A Detailed Quote

    Get quotes from two or three service providers to get an idea about the market. Ask for a detailed quote to ensure you are paying the fair price and are able to make an informed decision.

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