Four Fun Family Activites for Reducing Climate Change

Posted by raghav143 on May 8th, 2017

Every day should be Earth Day. A great way to celebrate the Earth and teach your children the importance of helping the environment is to get them involved. One aspect of helping the environment that you can easily explore with your kids is how to lessen your impact on climate change.

Your kids may wonder how they can make a difference and in the environmental chidren’s book, Pacha’s Pajamas, Pacha wondered the same thing.

Pacha’s imagination is bigger than the Andes Mountains, homeland of her ancestors. When she goes to sleep, the plants and animals on her pajamas come alive in her dreams.

The day before Earth Day, Pacha’s magical pajamas carry her into an epic dream where she’s the central player at a nature festival to save the planet from destruction.
Pacha awakens with the inspiration to show the world that We Are All Connected.

During the festival, a song was sung with these lyrics…

Have you ever wondered
How wonderful our world?
How a butterfly flaps
And the wind changes?

This is a good verse to remind children that even the smallest change or the smallest child can contribute to positive change in world.

There are many different ways that you and your children can make a difference when it comes to climate change.

  1.        Turn it OFF! - Try to spend a weekend or a day without using power. Eat dinner by candlelight, spend the evening outside by a fire and most importantly turn off all of those electronics. Using less electricity helps the environment and it can help your family bond! Your kids may resist at first but once they see that you can do a lot of fun family things, camping in the living room with flashlights is an example, they will gladly make this an event your family can often enjoy.
  2.        Just Start Walking- Walking instead of driving can help reduce climate change. If you have a corner store, walk there to get milk and eggs as a family. If your child wants to go to a neighbor’s house to play then walk over there together. Take a bike ride to the park instead of driving next time. Not only does going for a walk give you some uninterrupted time with your child and the exercise is good for you too!
  3.        Recycle, recycle, recycle- Recycling is an easy way to lessen your impact on the climate. This is something fun that kids can do daily. Let your child be in charge of recycling. They can rinse cans, separate materials and take the recycling out to the curb for pick-up day.
  4.        Re-use it! -Making a craft with your kids on Earth Day is a very creative way to open up a dialogue about reusing what we can and not throwing so much garbage away. Some fun things that you can do are to create a robot, make musical instruments or have a contest for “most items used to make a sculpture”. Any idea that repurposes what would have been garbage into treasure is something a kid will enjoy!

Last year my children and I celebrated Earth Day by walking to a local park. There we did a quick clean-up. Then after we came back to the house, since we were going electricity free, my husband grilled lunch. Next, we had a blast making robots out of items that were either in the recycling bin or repurposed from around the home. I was amazed at their creativity! We grilled out again for dinner and then after dinner, we had smores around the campfire. We all slept in the family room together and told stories by flashlight. It was a truly fun day!

You can have a fantastic time celebrating the Earth too! Pick one or more of the above ideas and turn your plan into action!

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