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People with poor sight commonly use lenses to their eyes. Apart from rectification of eye sight, lenses are used for light control too.  To manufacture lenses, different parts are required such as waveplates, lenses, prisms, filters, laser mirrors, beamsplitters, CaF2 window, and other optical components are required.  The lenses are available in different shapes such as cylindrical, cone, circular, prism, etc. Some industries supply these different optical parts to the manufacturer that produces finished products. So, the different types of optical components and parts used by the industries include:


Different types of prisms are manufactured by the prisms manufacturer such as wedges, right angle prisms, Dove prisms, equilateral dispersing prisms, anamorphic prisms, corner retroreflectors, etc. Prisms are normally transparent surfaces of the lenses that refract light.


They are glasses that comprise of parallel surfaces that absorb the optical radiation and then emit it to the other substance without transmitting the gases present in it. While selecting a window, the buyer should consider different factors such as scattering property, wavefront distortion, parallel surfaces, resistance of various points, and damage threshold factor.


The different types of beamsplitters are displacement beamsplitters, cubes, plates, polarization beamsplitters, non-polarized beamsplitters, waveplates etc.


Lenses are classified into convex, concave, convex cylindrical, concave cylindrical, achromatic lenses etc. The other parts of the lenses include balls, rods, and Powell lenses.


They are normally circular in shape and the different types of waveplates available are zero order waveplates, dual wavelength plates, achromatic waveplates, etc. The other parts of waveplates available are polarization rotators, holders for waveplates, etc. Waveplates are widely used for altering the condition of a wave. They are used in the production of elliptical polarization. The types of waveplates available are full-wave sensitive tint and quarter wave plates.


The different types of polarizer’s available are Wollaston polarizer’s, glan-thompson polarizer’s, Rochan polarizer, etc. This polarizer is used for reducing oblique reflections produced by non-metallic substances and they are used in the manufacturing of 3D glasses. They are used for filtering certain aspects of the images, while the other part of the image is emitted.


The different types of filter available are colored glass filters, interference filters etc. They are mainly used for controlling light and are used for filtering different factors such as rays, heat, light etc.


Mirrors are normally substances that cause reflection and reveal images of the viewers. The different types of mirror parts manufactured are metallic coating mirrors, dichroic mirrors, and high energy reflective mirrors, etc.


The different types of crystal substances required are CaF2, BBO crystal, Nd: YAG, etc. They are transparent substances used for manufacturing lenses.

The different materials used for manufacturing lenses are silicon, sapphire, fused silica, borosilicate, Ge, ZnSe, etc.

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